Calming Collar Giveaway!

Deb Mendez at Calming Collars has been a supporter of the pawcurious blogathons since the very first one waaaay back in 2009. She’s donated collars, been a supporter, and helped out in more ways than I can count. Thank you Deb!

Her all natural calming collar was clicked on Koa for the first 3 months she lived with us. Hers was a lower level anxiety, fortunately, and when she was wearing the collar at work she would quietly slip under a desk and snooze. Plus, it made her smell just lovely.


Anxiety is a big problem in dogs, and like many things, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You may need to try a variety of items, training techniques, or even medication to find the combination that works best for you and your dog. That being said, this is a safe and gentle tool to add to your arsenal.

Would you like to try one? There are also options for motion sickness and cooling collars. Leave a comment below saying what you would like to try and who it is for!

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  • Linda

    I love these collars! We have been using them for a year and a half, and my sweet Daisy girl (Borzoi and Border Collie Mix) can now enjoy being herself! When the new collars arrive, she licks the package and can’t wait to get hers on. We have to get Doug (English Mastiff) one not because he has anxiety, but because he was constantly stealing Daisy’s and sleeping with it.

  • Genwolf

    I would love to try one for my shy but sweet Murphy Brown. Her nervousness keeps from being able to socialize much.

  • Chris

    Our nervous Lily might benefit from this. She is a former mill dog and has made great strides in the year she has been with us, but still gets scared by loud sounds.

  • I’m entering to give to my surf dog friend if I win. I know, she surfs so nothing should scare here but, thunder….

  • Jen

    Those collars sound fantastic! My 7 year old Aussie mix has started to get really nervous whenever there is a change in routine. I try to be as consistent as possible, but that isn’t always possible and I hate causing him anxiety. I would definitely try one of these on him to hopefully keep him calm.

  • Lisa W

    I wouldn’t mind trying one for my Sophie. She has made great strides from being the fearful, easily freaked-out pup that we brought home but she still has issues with new situations, especially when there is a lot of stimulation (places like PetSmart, etc.).

    BTW Dr V, you may want to check into what it would take to optimize your site for mobile formats – I had to make my donation with my laptop because I’m keeping up with blogpocalypse through my iPad and the ChipIn widget isn’t showing up – and I think I’m missing something at the end of one of the posts (the one with the cupcakes at the top)… Or maybe there are zombies in my iPad! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s something I was thinking about- but none of the donation widgets work in mobile format since they are all flash based unfortunately. I don’t even think a regular old link would work. I wish Paypal would come up with a mobile app!

      • Lisa W

        Bummer. Thanks for letting me know, though.

  • Michelle Spayde

    I would like to try a calming collar for my Pomeranian, Sarah. Sarah is a puppy mill survivor/rescue that I adopted last year. Sarah is petrified of storms and the refrigerator.

  • Elliott H

    My darling bulldog Lilly could certainly use a calming collar. She is a terror when we aren’t around and really really really needs to chill out. She’s a lovable spaz but a spaz nonetheless…

  • Njgalnva

    I have 4 dogs – one on prozac (I actually go to the local pharmacy for him!), one who likes to go outside on the hour and bark (a timekeeper?), one who waits until I’m in the house and who barks incessantly until I squirt water on him, and a 4th who does this high pitched bird sound – all crowd around me trying to get my attention, bouncing all over. I could use some calm in my home. Maybe I’ll wear one at work to keep me calm?

  • Amybeeee

    My Yellow Lab LOVES to go on walks…especially when we take the kids to the bus stop in the morning…but he freaks out! Maybe this would be an answer for him? I would love to try!

  • Heather

    I would love to try one on my neurotic, stress headed black and white cat Boffin. everything freaks her out- garbage trucks, street sweepers and vacuum cleaners to list a few.

  • Innerflow Massage

    i’d love to try the calming collar on my 1.5yr old spazzy lab, Nani, and his 3yr old golden brother, Tito. they are so excited and crazy when friends come to visit, thinking that they should get all the visitors and attention, and bark and jump like mad.

  • Mindy

    Mine would be for my 11 year old Bruno. He’s a lab mix and scared of thunder, fireworks, pounding a nail into the wall and any other loud noise there is! He also seems to be on the anxiuos side whenever I’m not here (i’ve been told by my husband!)

  • Summer

    This sounds like it might be just the thing for my Shepherd mix, Amber. I’d love to give it a try!

  • Veronica

    I have a friend that has one… Sooooo, I would love to have one for my blind Siberian Husky! He hates storms.

  • Ptrcw85

    I am the proud owner of an appoximately 11 year old cairn terrier. He is blind and has arthritis in all joints. He came to live with us 1 1/2 yrs ago and is the most wonderful dog. He has a difficult time with separation when we go to work and he cannot calm when he is exposed to new things. He could not be groomed recently because he could not calm down with all the sounds and smells that he could not see. The calming collar sounds like something we might try to at least alleviate some of his anxiety.

  • Christina

    I have a dog who freaks out about a lot of things. It’s very hard for me to clip his nails, clean his ears, or even brush his teeth. He has really bad separation anxiety and nothing that I have tried has helped.

  • Bbqduck

    My 11 year old poodle is terrified of any flies that get into the house. His tail goes between his legs and he hides in the basement or upstairs in the bedrooms. He also has separation anxiety when we leave him alone. We have a very specific routine for him when we go out to try and minimize his distress but he knows once we begin and gets upset.
    Two months ago he developed colitis and was quite sick. He is just getting over it but there is a question that it was stress related. We adore him and are looking for any natural product that might make him feel better in these stressful situations.

  • My dog Sunny is so scared of thunderstorms, and fireworks. It’s almost New Years, and a day of panic for her.

  • I would get this for my friend’s puppy. She gets very anxious when people come to visit and I’m hoping this will let things go more smoothly at their house.

  • Carol Wissler

    I would love to try this collar out for my 4 year old rescue Corgi/Border collie mix, Hoagie. He has come a long way since the nervous, leash reactive dog we brought home 2 years ago, but he is still a pretty high stress dog. He has a very hard time settling down after any kind of excitement, good or bad. In addition he’s dealing with a new little brother, a 7 month old terrier mix. I’d love to see him able to relax a bit on car trips, and when we aren’t actively training. Ending a training session is like torture for him, and car rides get him so worked up that he barks non-stop, whether or not his crate is covered. We’ve made some headway through calming training exercises, and keeping him busy, but I would love to see Hoagie able to take a calm breath, and simply relax. When Hoagie can finally heave a soothed sigh of relief, I can do the same!

  • I have a rescue Irish Wolfhound with anxiety in strange places that I would love to try the calming collar for.

  • I have a friend who is fostering a Chihuahua who had a very rough start in life. He’s healthy now, but she’s having trouble finding a permanent home for him – partly because he is terrified of thunderstorms. She’s tried the thunder shirt with no luck, but perhaps the Calming Collar would help? We’d sure love to try!

  • Kbeauregard

    I have a friend in denial and would like a collar for her 12 lb mix. although he does think he is a chihuahua so shhhh about the mix comment!

  • Destinylaf

    My 14 year old Brittany has storm anxiety. I would love to try one of these on him. Thanks!

  • Kimba

    I have a calming collar for one of my dogs, and the motion sickness collar for the other, and they are great!
    I would like to win a collar to give to a friend whose dog has some… well… issues I shall say. She’s been working hard with him for 2 years to decrease his reactivity and has come a long, long way, but there is still a lot of room for improvement… I’m thinking that part of his reactivity comes from anxiety, and a calming collar might help.

  • Quinn

    I would love this for our ~ nine year old pittie, Boss. He has arthritis that has been controlled by supplements, but it still flares up sometimes when it first gets cold, and if we go for a longer walk than usual. Or if he’s just standing up for a while staring at the flowerpots, waiting for aliens to come out so he can attack. The calming collar would really come in handy when his little sister (the ~ four year old “Rubester”) just can’t contain herself and jumps on his head in an effort to play. It’s awkward for everyone. A little woooo-saaaaa in the form of a collar would be greatly appreciated.

  • Carrie F

    Would love to try one for my Chocolate Lab, Lily. Her SA is relatively stable now, with a Kong whenever I leave the house, but I can tell she is still anxious and goes through calming behaviors when I come home. I wish I could take that last edge off …

  • Tiffany

    I would love to try the Calm me Down collar for my Dachshund, Buddy. He gets really stressed out and anxious in a lot of situations. Maybe this would help!

  • Pamron

    I have a 4 year old shit shu Maltese mix Sami. He is a great pet except when people come to my home. Repair men etc. I was thinking the calming collar would help in this area. I would like to find out where to purchase this item. P karnitsky- Jackson nj-

  • Angela P

    My sweet beagle, Hannah, was abused before we rescued her. She gets nervous around new people, in new situations or if there is change to her routine. (She also gets car sick but loves to go for rides anyway.

  • Jane

    Is there a cat version? I adopted a rescued little fellow about six weeks ago, and after the first few weeks, as he’s gotten healthier, he’s turned into a hyperactive terror! He’s been ricocheting around my apartment breaking things, even standing up on his hind legs to reach up and try to knock pictures off the walls! I don’t want to bring him back to the shelter, but don’t know where to turn next … maybe this would help!

  • Dar6255

    I have a 4 year old rescued Chi Chi. She is skittish with loud noises. Living in Florida, with all the theunderstorms especially during rainy season and fireworks all year long around almost every holiday…I feel so bad for her!

  • Wendysprague

    I have an 11 lb. terrier/shitzu mix. Hates the car, boat and airplane. He shivers and shakes constantly while on these vehicles. My last trip with him, well lets just say on the second day of the trip I was ready to tear my hair out-he has to sit in the front on my lap and the constant panting was driving me crazy. He does not get motion sickness, just pants and pants. I have tried the ThunderShirt- it helped a little but I am willing to try anything so that we all can enjoy our future trips.

  • I just recently rescued a 4 yr old deaf white boxer. He has horrible anxiety most of the time. (unless he’s touching me). I wonder if this would help him. How do I go about getting one for him? I’m extremely intrigued…….its so hard trying to calm a deaf dog. And sometimes touch puts him over the top. Hearing dogs are so much easier to reassure!