Giveaway: Iams Cat Pack

As we all know, cats are our friends. When the bad stuff goes down, you want a cat on your side. One, they’ll warn you when a flesh eater approaches (of course they will. Because if you die, who’s going to feed them?)

And two, if worse comes to worse, they’ll take them out themselves. Cats hate zombies. Haven’t you seen Pet Sematary?

funny pictures of cats with captions

Bottom line: Keep your cat happy and fed, especially when zombies are about. Because you do NOT want a zombie cat.

To help you in this, Iams has donated not one but two Cat Packs to help you and your cat weather the zombie apocalypse in style. This is your first chance to win. Each pack will contain:

  • a bag of Iams cat food
  • cat toys
  • a hat for you (to protect your brain, of course)
  • Info about the Iams Home for the Holidays project- what better way to celebrate surviving than by getting another cat!
  • a comfy cat bed
To enter, simply respond below with how you think your cat would respond to a zombie.
Want to help more? For every badge that gets posted to Facebook this week, Iams will donate 15 meals to homeless pets in need! Click here for details and go to “post to wall”.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I trust our cat Pete not to sell us out to the Zombies. Frankly, he’s a bit of dick that way.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I trust our cat Pete not to sell us out to the Zombies. Frankly, he’s a bit of dick that way.

  • Nermal will hide under the couch, Ariel won’t move from her perch, and Woody will run towards the zombie looking for love. My best bet is Nermal’s early warning system of hiding in panic.

  • Bookworm79

    Our ragdoll would make friends with the zombie. She makes friends with everyone.
    Our tortie would meet the zombie’s howls with howls of her own, raising in pitch and intensity until the zombie went looking for easier targets.

  • Cynthia Downer

    Our kitties would trip the zombies and eventually annoy them to leaving by repetitively rubbing themselves on the zombies’ legs! Lol.

  • Mini may only be 4 pounds but she is nasty when under threat.You should see when someone tries to take over her cat bed. So Mini would protect me, Magoo and George would be no help.

  • Truman is such a mush, he’d probably run up to them for pets. He definitely fails miserably at being any sort of guard cat!

    Now, if it were zombie BIRDS on the other hand…

  • Nahum would try to get the zombie to play. Theo would demand food from it. Buddy would flash it his tummy in hopes of some rubs.

  • Amb0403

    I wonder if omalley is a cat zombie today! He did hurt a dog on his way out!!

  • Amb0403

    I wonder if omalley is a cat zombie today! He did hurt a dog on his way out!!

  • Heather

    I have four cats. I’m screwed.

  • . Bella would just want to know if the zombie could open the food bin.

  • Anis – She would growl a dangerous growl that would lead to bitey stabby clawey death for the zombie that grabbed her. Otherwise she’d probably just run and hide in a cupboard.

    Cielo – He would take advantage of the open door and just bolt for adventure and chew on the grass as the zombies chewed on our brains.

    Whisper – He would try to high five the zombies into giving him a treat, meowing plaintively. Poor Whisper.

    Mary – She would run and run and run, unless it looked like they were going where the food was kept, then she’d hop up to her bowl and wait. Poor Mary.

    Two out of four survivors isn’t bad.

  • Kamnel

    Nala would probably stand firm, asking the zombies to tell her she’s pretty. Once they groan anything resembling said phrase, she’d say “Close enough” and let them pass.

    Sommer would most likely growl at them. Hiss, growl, then hiss again.

  • Jojo would probably want to play with any trailing shreds of clothing and only bite them when they try to grab her specifically. Chloe probably would fight them, but being that she is 15 years old, she may not have as much fight in her as she did when she was younger.

  • His reaction? “oh hai! Come in come in come in!!!!” Moe is incredibly curious, and fearless about new people. He rushes to the door & starts purring in anticipation when the doorbell rings.

  • Leigh

    Hmmm since both my cats are semi-feral, they would most likely run and hide. Although one may decide to warn me by jumping up on my lap and DIGGING his claws into me in fear.

  • Christine Welsh Ewalt

    My cat is a big chicken. I am not convinced that she would do more than run to hide under the bed if faced with a zombie.

  • Daze

    Snuff would probably runaway with me and even grab the wheels of the car and drive us away. I always find her in the driver seat, so maybe she is practicing for the zombie show-down XD

  • Michelle Spayde

    We have a mixed bag here…

    -Oliver would stare at the zombie until it sat down, then climb into its lap.
    -Tori would defend our home like a guard dog until the zombie gained entrance, then disappear like a flash.
    -Andybelle (don’t laugh at his name, he’s sensitive) might hide IF it was a noisy zombie and woke him up.
    -Rojo would just think that it was another slave put onto this earth to serve him, and head to the kitchen for a snack.

  • I doubt Katana would even wake up. We’re on our own..

  • I doubt Katana would even wake up. We’re on our own..

  • Robin Boyd

    Both Beta and Pandora would be hiding in the closet. It’s the last place the zombies look, you know.

  • Bunny would try to swat a zombie with his missing front leg, Boodus would try to show them where the treats are, TaunTaun would pretend to want pets and then attack (as he does with all guests), and Panther….well, Panther is dog-aggressive and chases any dogs that come to our house, so I have no doubt that all of his 20 pounds would be flying at the zombies in a pointy, thrashing whirlwind. Beware, zombies, beware.