It’s National Get a Pal for your Pet Day!

When I was on the Hope Telethon last weekend talking about pet health holiday tips, the reporter asked me (without warning) if I was going to be bringing home another pet from Helen Woodward. And I answered honestly.

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If it wouldn’t cause a major rift in the household, I would. I can manage 4 pets, and we’re at 3. If I can’t get a Boston, I’m thinking maybe I could just sneak in another cat for Apollo. He’s social, he likes friends. He’d like a pal.

My husband remains unconvinced, of course.

But they help reduce blood pressure! I could say. They are good for your health! Pet ownership reduces stress and depression!

In conclusion, there is really no reason NOT to have just one more, I say.

In return, I get a solid NO. So alas, I must wait and bide my time until I can convince him otherwise. Subliminal advertising, bribery, I’m trying all angles.

But maybe you’re in a better position than I am! It’s National Get a Pal for your Pet Day, after all, sponsored by Pets Add Life. Why not? You’ve probably got a lot of time off coming up, what better time to introduce a new pal.

And if anyone has some sly tips for convincing a husband to bring home just one more, I’m all ears.


This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership. 

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  • you could tell him that it followed you home OR that it was on the doorsteps when you got home OR something to do with you being a vet and it has to have medicine (placebo) every so often and you have to keep an eye on it. OR … just bring it home and let him get ‘over it’! hee hee … ;o) if i think of anymore, i’ll send them…… LOL

    • Quinn

      HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA give it a placebo.. That’s hilarious.

  • oh yeah! Christmas is coming up and you could add it to your list…… ;o)

  • Ah, you have to think stealthy….ask him if you could foster, just for a short time. It’s for a rescue, how could he say no? Then once you have a bouncy Boston in your house, no way he could make him leave. 🙂

  • Laurie Buchele

    Adding a pet was not my intention, but it’s what happened when we agreed (as a family) to foster a pregnant beagle and her litter of 10 puppies. As you can probably guess, a puppy (or two!) stayed with us. My husband thought we were just doing something very nice and very temporary. Some days I think he still thinks that!!! (Even though one of the puppies we kept really is his, by his choice.) Good luck!!!

  • Quinn

    We’re at two, not counting the fish…. I really would love to take the shelter dog home that I take to training once a week, but the two we have are just beginning to get along after a year, so adding a 120 lb American Bulldog/Staffie mix would be hard to do without the better half noticing. I’m just about to leave now to pick her up for training, and I know she hopes every time that THIS IS THE TIME SHE’LL TAKE ME HOME…. Breaks my heart. But if we could handle a third, she would be it <3

  • Oh man, does it help at all that I really want you to get a Boston Terrier too? 🙂 We’re really considering getting another Boston so Hamlet has a friend to hang out with during the day but so far we’re on the fence. MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue is getting four puppies this week and that might just push me over the edge.