Meet your Meat Eaters: The Lions

The Lions of Lions, Tigers and Bears are hungry. Hungry for zombie flesh. Luckily for us we managed to take a few out overnight and we’ll be feeding them when it’s light out and safe to go back outside.

Yesterday, we primed them with a little chicken and catnip. In a pumpkin, because it’s festive.

Lions, Tigers and Bears goes through chicken shipments by the hundreds of pounds. With 13 cats and 3 bears, that’s a lot of mouths to feed. But hoo boy, look how happy it makes them:

YouTube Preview Image

That’s Bakari, Jillian and Suri eyeing me like I’m dim sum.

That’s right, people taste bad- and don’t you forget it!

Please help Bobbi and Lions Tigers and Bears with their amazing work helping these animals live healthy happy lives! Every dollar is vital to their medical care and expenses.

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  • Lisa W

    They are beautiful! Lions are my second favorite wild animal – topped only by African elephants. <3

    • Well I’ll be sure they make an appearance!

  • Kim

    Funny. Our cats like catnip but there’s no way they’d get wet for it. 😉

  • Tamara

    Lions AND tigers AND bears…I LOVE them all 🙂