Meet your Meat-Eaters: Tiger Edition

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright

In the forests of the night, 

What immortal hand or eye 

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? -William Blake


Thank God we didn’t feed them this morning because we have some fresh zombie-meat that wandered in after Amanda. And yes, I crossbow’ed that walker right between the eyes.

Raja stretching, waiting for some ‘nip. When Raja and Natasha were rescued, it was discovered Natasha was pregnant, which is how LTB also wound up with Sitara and Tabu. A two fer! Or a four-fer, I guess you’d say.

Sitara doesn’t like me. I think she thought I was going to try and steal her nip.

She sure did love her nip, though. And she waited until I was looking down to change a camera setting before lunging at me with all her tiger heft and throwing herself against the chain link. Thank god it held. THANKS FOR LAUGHING EVERYONE, btw. I believe it was caught on video. I’ll try to find it. I was not recording at the time but Malice caught me screaming like a banshee. All I can say is, at least Sitara is prepped and ferocious for these zombies.

Her mom Natasha had surgery last week to remove a cancerous uterus. Lions Tigers and Bears relies on donations to help keep these lovely tigers healthy and vigorous and ready to munch zombies. Please help them out! Did you SEE her eyeballing me? I just got pounced to show you all how much I care.

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  • Anonymous

    KITTY!! Thst is too freaking adorable (and I still want that video)

  • Joannesoflorida

    Just like any other kitty!!

  • Tamara

    I hope you won’t take it personally that I say, Go Sitara! I like that the wild is still in these wild animals 🙂 But I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you either, Dr. V.