The Blogpocalypse is coming!

Blogathon 2011 starts in ONE WEEK. That means I have one week to catch up on sleep before I throw it all away on yet another ill-advised all nighter yammering on about whatever in the hopes someone will be listening long enough to toss a few pennies my way.

And by “my way”, I mean of course this year’s beneficiary, San Diego sanctuary Lions, Tigers, and Bears.

They’ve been first to offer help whenever it’s needed in the US, be it the Oklahoma circus bears, offering space for animals rescued from the Ohio situation (though sadly all but a handful wound up dead), and most recently, volunteering to give Tony the Truck Stop Tiger a good retirement home. Founder Bobbi Brink built this place from the ground up with no background in animal rescue, creating a world class facility that is a model for standards of care.

I chose Lions, Tigers and Bears as the Blogathon beneficiary before all the craziness went down in Ohio, and I’m glad I did. It always kind of works out that way for me. I try to pick different sorts of causes every year, and this is the year to remember that despite all the horrific, stupid, terrible things we do to exotics in the name of our own amusement, there are tremendous people out there who are putting their hearts and soul into cleaning up other people’s messes and trying to let these wonderful creatures live out their lives in peace and health.

I’ll talk more about them next week, but in the meantime I am putting out my official


or, as we like to call it:


or, in this case:


Because as it so happens, this place is out in the boonies, and I’m going to be spending the night there. That’s right, I get to camp out at the animal sanctuary and do my blogathon live with the big cats! I’ve heard that in a zombie apocalypse one should head for the hills, and if the hills also happen to have large carnivores, well, all the better for me. Because they can eat the zombies, you see. And nothing would tickle me more than taking a post about internet zombie attacks and turning it into a theme to help actual animals, you know, in a real way.

So this is what I’ll be doing starting next Saturday at noon:

  • live blogging;
  • chatting with my friend and overall kickass person Star, who just got back from a trip to Chernobyl and (though she doesn’t know it) is going to be extensively interviewed by me about her gorilla trek;
  • seeing what happens when you give a big lion some catnip- and yes, we’re taping it-
  • and getting to know Blossom and Delilah, the little black bears who were about to be sold to a big game ranch to be hunted, when Bobbi stepped in and drove them from Oklahoma to San Diego.
  • Watching out for zombies


As it so happens, I have some plans to get my hands on some rare, hard-to-find Zombie Defense Network items for giveaway/auction, for those of you- and you know who you are- who have joined the Internet Zombie Awareness Movement (“Ban them in the Head!”) I will have that.


I will probably have some other, pre-apocalyptic pet type items too.


Please let me know if you’d like to contribute giveaway items and/or guest posts ASAP! They can be pet related, or, in honor of the Blogpocalypse, zombie survival related. If you’re brave enough to join in and blog, even better! Next week will be all about planning, which as you know is one of the Core Tenets of surviving a Blogpocalypse.

So let’s see….catnip, raw chicken….what am I supposed to bring again? Water, crossbow, and SPAM? Index finger for the ban button? What about beer?


And if you’re in the San Diego area, come visit our big catnip extravaganza! It’s your chance to participate in the blogathon firsthand and see this place in action. You can get tickets here. Bring the kids! Who doesn’t love lions?
What else am I missing? Are you going to join in the fun? Please say yes. 🙂 The world depends on it.
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  • If I was anywhere in the area I would be all over this, probably camping out at the sanctuary with you! Sadly, I will be here in Iowa working, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go incognito and keep tabs on the Blogpocalypse! Can’t wait!!

    • Yaay! Virtual attendance is perfect as well!

  • Lisa W

    Can’t wait! I wish I had something to contribute other than $$ and staying up most of the time with you, but that will have to do for now….

    • Lisa W

      BTW, do you think Bobbi would be willing to talk with me and give me some pointers on starting a sanctuary?

      • I can certainly ask!

  • JaneK

    holy crap! they were going to sell CIRCUS bears for big game hunting??? I thought that was just the thing of movies!!!!! so glad there are good folk out there like you and Lions, Tigers, Bears to make a difference for these wonderful creatures….

    • I mis-wrote. They were zoo bears. Not that that makes it any better, worse in a way, I think.

  • mybrownnewfies

    What a wonderful beneficiary! What a wonderful and caring group:)
    Let me know if there is anything that you need, I can do a guest post, I can announce this on my site, send you some beer, anything that will help out!

    • I would love all three! (Though the first two would be perfect. We can settle on number three in Orlando. 😀 )

  • Ban the zombies! Ban the zombies! Ban them in the head!!! Wish I could be there to enjoy the ‘nip. I love a good party–especially one with tigers.

    • Will you come by and say hi on the blog? I’d love that.

  • Can’t wait! I am not sure how Sharpies are helpful in a Zombie fighting war, but I am sure they are so I will bring them.

  • Kolchakpuggle

    OMD OMD OMD! This is so cool. A blog Zombie prep celebration? I’m so in. SO IN. If Kol’s Nots can do anything to help you can count on us. **excellent idea**

    • Would you like to contribute a guest post, or maybe a favorite recipe?

      • Anonymous

        I’m working on a very special Zombie Dog treats that I would be thrilled to share, if you like. I’m making the prototypes tomorrow night…hopefully all goes well and I could have to post to you Wednesday night??

  • Tamara

    You’re blogathons are always excellent 🙂 Can’t wait for the Blogpocalypse this year!

    • Yaay! So glad you’ll be here!

  • My students are going to be so excited when I tell them they get to blog this week instead of TYPING! We will be creating blog posts about the animals displaced by the wildfires in Texas. I also have some friends directly affected by these fires that I hope to enlist as guest bloggers and/or blogging resources. I’m not picking a specific beneficiary because I can’t choose between all of the organizations helping to rescue, re-home, and reunite animals across the state. I was trying to think of something I new I could do this year and it crossed my mind that if Dr. Finch can Sharpie, I can Pencil! Anyone who donates to a Blogathon cause can email me a photo of their pet and I will turn it into a Sunique pencil drawing and post it in my blog. Perhaps I will even videotape this Sunique creation…just because I can. I will talk to my own kids, too. They love to draw and may help create Sunique pencil art for us. I doubt I’ll stay up all night, but I’ll try to at least roll over and hit POST through the night if I don’t.

  • Carrie

    Speaking of zombies and blogs, you might be interested in a book called Feed, by Mira Grant.

    • Oh, awesome. Added it to my Amazon wishlist.