Game on

I don’t watch a whole lot of football, normally. Living in San Diego, it’s kind of depressing. We have the Padres and the Chargers. Now, I know my husband will disagree vehemently, but they aren’t very good. He will defend the Chargers to the death, but they never win much, and it’s sad to get your hopes up over and over and over only to be robbed of glory each and every time. No fun.

I can say this because I grew up in Boston. Back then, the Celtics and the Lakers were in the midst of their killer rivalry, Larry Bird was the man, and it was fun. I see my relatives on Facebook getting to gloat year after year because they are Patriots fans through and through, and when you look at the overall trajectory of their team compared to, say, the one in my neck of the woods, they are doing pretty well.

As far as playing goes, I wasn’t much of a sportsman myself, being too far buried in books to really bother with such trifles as team sports. It wasn’t until I discovered tennis that I really found a sport I could sink my teeth into. For me, being the uber competitive solitary wolf that I was, this was the ticket. BLAM, I would smack the ball, and SMASH it at the opponent, and I never had to worry about complex game plays or counting on other people not to blow it for me.

It was me, my racket, and the ball. One time- just one- my coach decided to try me on a doubles team, which ended in disaster. The other player and I never really figured out how to work together; we’d both rush the net every time, tripping over each other to get to the ball. She, too, was a lone wolf. So back to singles I went, and the glory and the anguish mine and mine alone. Man, I miss that game.

But I digress. My point is, yesterday’s games were actually fun to watch, close and dramatic and high stakes. I like it when it’s like that. I like the pressure and the excitement of it all, so I sat down with Brody and watched both championship games with actual interest, which I usually have to feign. So even though I’m not vested in the final outcome, yeah, I’ll watch the Superbowl and hope it’s good. And if not, at least I hear there are some good commercials in the works.

As I watched Brody zoom around the yard in circles this afternoon, pausing only long enough to rumble over Koa or try to take out one of the kids, it struck me that he would probably be a pretty good football player. From an early age, he was a particularly athletic dude.

It would definitely be something rough and tumble. Football, I think, or rugby.ย 

He’s even got the stare of intimidation down pat.


Koa, on the other hand?

Shuffleboard or nothing. She’s as cutthroat as a marshmallow.

And Apollo? I don’t know if most cats even function on a level that is compatible with sports.

Championship sleeping? Wait…I got it. Curling. Get it? Because he spends his whole day sitting in a donut shape.

Is your pet a sportsman? What would be their game of choice?

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  • Aaaaawwwww, the pictures of Brody as a puppy are sooo cute!
    My Mosby would be a wrestler without a doubt. (I kinda think he thinks he already is.) Maybe rugby, but he’s less interested in chasing a ball as chasing people or other dogs and running them over.
    Molly would love any sport that required her to chase and retrieve a ball over and over and over. But no contact with others. She is terrified of Mosby when he’s running around being a crazy boy (which is all the time).
    Maestro, the cat, I think might be a boxer. If he could be bothered to wake up and be interested.

  • Vonny

    Those baby Brody photos are so full of cuteness! And that grown-up Brody face would definitely take out team slanging match award. Maybe Chess for Koa, I think those beautiful eyes would distract any player from the next move. And Apollo…couch surfing?

    My girl, definitely tennis is her sport. Like you though, only singles; in doubles she would knock her partner over every single time to get to “my ball! my ball! MINE!”

  • Anonymous

    Brody is like Clay Matthews. (yeah I’m a Packers fan so I’m in a funk right now because we should have been back to back). Total stare of “I’m gonna get you sucka!”

    Cookie (and even Blade) would be soccer plays like me. They love fake-outs, trapping the ball and running with it while batting at it. Since the plush soccer ball has taken quite the beating, now it’s a hamburger toy that gets kicked around.

  • Sue W.

    The rats are obviously boxers. Seriously, did you ever see that scene in Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Doolittle movie with the rats duking it out? That’s how they actually look.
    The dogs? Eh, no discipline. One is more like your cat, the other is a goof and would never work in a team environment.
    I’m going with the rats.

  • gaylec

    Belle could definitely play football, or basketball. She’s a muscled up maniac and can outrun anyone. She’s also a master of the “fake out” maneuver.
    A video to prove my point!

  • Lisa W

    Too bad we don’t live closer to each other — Oscar and Brody would make for an interesting matchup!!! Oscar doesn’t have the coordination for QB, so probably a tackle!

  • LB

    My dog definitely loves soccer or some sort of fetch (if that could be a sport). She loves batting the soccer ball around (or any ball even a basketball), but she also loves trying to pick it up and run off with it like “haha come chase me”.

    My 9 year old black cat would love ping pong. He absolutely loves ping pong balls and will bat those things right out of the air and back at you.

    My youngest kitty would love wrestling, as long as she won, and the other two kitties, well they love sleeping and bird watching.

  • Pretty sure most of my kids would love to try their hand at competitive eating ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Those are some *awesome* photos of Brody. He’s adorable. Oh, to be full of puppy exuberance again!

  • bali

    our guinea pig plays a mean game of hide-n-seek; mostly hide and then run like hell to not get caught….

  • Aria Milan

    Such cute photos of the dogs. I vote for curling for Koa, lol!

  • JaneK

    that last comment about the guinea pig was “JaneK” not bali… this disqus thing is crazy!

  • I think Hamlet could compete in the high jump. He has a pretty good vertical for a dog that’s only about 14 inches tall.

  • Tamara

    My birds would be great if flying-in-place were a sport! Miss Emma could do the curling, for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰ And Bailey, she’s a high jumper if I’ve ever seen one. Oh, and backflips, leaps, balletic turns…Maybe she’s a gymnast ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gaelowyn

    My ocicat would be a wild game hunter. He already stalks and brings down our other cat as if she were a gazelle!

  • I wish the Chargers would have just ONE good year so I wouldn’t have to root for the Patriots ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m born and raised in San Diego, the hubby in Rhode Island – so I’m a fan by marriage! Oh well, at least I have someone to route for! Brody would be an excellent football player and he has the perfect football player name ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • One is more like your cat, the other is a rabbit and never work in a team environment. That love fake-out, control the ball and run with it while batting in it. From the plush football has taken quite a beating, now is a hamburger toy that started around.