The Pawcurean Presents Lazy Man’s V-Day Treats

I love making treats for the pets, almost as much as I love things that are easy to make. Sometimes I’m in a complicated mood, and sometimes I’m in a lazy mood. This month, I’m lazy.

As you know, I’ve started a torrid love affair with my dehydrator, using it to suck the water out of everything I can get my hands on in the house like a hydrophilic vampire. The chicken jerky treats went over very well, so I figured, hey, let’s make some Valentine’s Day treats while we’re at it where I don’t have to turn the oven on.

Sweet potatoes cut with a heart shaped cutter are as easy as it gets.


Though no one will blame you if you want to spice things up with a little bit of cinnamon. These are great not only because they’re easy, but in small bits they are relatively low-calorie and a veggie that is rarely allergenic.

Be still, my tangerine heart. One for you, one for me, sweet potatoes are super yummy.

Now, if you want to get fancy, and a little grosser, you can also continue experimenting with meat. I took some thinly sliced beef and cut it into little strips to evaluate its performance in the dehydrator.

But you know, it’s Valentine’s Day, so before you put it in to dry, you should arrange it in festive patterns by poking it into heart shapes.

OK, the resulting jerky hearts are not the most cosmetic of treats, looking more like actual dried out hearts than the adorable meaty love-nibbles I had in mind, but I can tell you of two dogs in the house who didn’t care that it looked like something you might find in a serial killer’s pantry. They loved the effort. And the meat.

Are you doing anything for your pet for Valentine’s Day?

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  • Deborah Mendez

    I’m doing some beef jerky in my oven right now. However, it is not for the Mendez cats. I wonder if they would like some chicken jerky — made without the usual spicy goodness! Otherwise, Bonita flakes for their Valentine’s Day!

  • Anglash3

    Yep! Actually the only thing I use my dehydrator for is treats for my 4 legged kids. They are crazy for the dehydrated sweet potatoes! But yesterday I baked peanut butter and banana treats for them and I’m making pumpkin treats over the weekend.

  • Lisa W

    Wow, I really need a dehydrator!

  • Tamara

    I’ve been debating the purchase of a dehydrator for my birds. May have to just do it!

  • Kolchak Puggle

    We love dehydrator treats. Ours is running pretty much ’round the clock here at Casa de Kolchak.

    We’ve got a special recipe we’re sharing for Tasty Tuesday for some really yummy doggy whoopie pies. What doggy doesn’t love a yummy cake and meat paste filling??

  • Kevin

    Love this! Can I please share this on my blog for V-day?

  • jj

    HI there. Cute post! Wanted to check and see if you cut the hearts out of raw sweet potatos? Might sound like a silly question but just wondering. Also, how thick did you cut sweet potato slices before cutting out heart shape? Thanks