Global Pet Expo: A few of my favorite things, part 1

I stayed at Global for two out of its three day run, figuring hey, that would be plenty of time to plumb its depths. Yes, well, not so much. It took at least ten minutes just to walk from one side to the other; we’re talking 2,452 booths here. And me (yet again) without a good pair of flats. But at least I did bring a fairly decent pair of heels; the stilettos never made it out of the suitcase, sadly.

With that many products to check out, I know for a fact I missed more than a few, which of course means now I just have to make sure to go again next year- and bring my kid’s Razor scooter. In the meantime, here’s just a few of my favorite products I saw while I was there:

1. Old Soul Line from Planet Dog. Planet Dog has built a company around the concept of providing well designed dog toys with a social conscience. I was especially taken with the “Old Souls” line, thinking of Koa at home with her sad, decrepit mouth from years of prior neglect. It’s hard to find gentle toys for old souls like her.

2. Jellyfish Art. I’m the first to admit, I had no intention of visiting the portion of the expo hall reserved for aquarium items- until I actually saw it and said, Wow. This is the one item I stopped, took a picture of and sent to my husband with the word, “WANT.” A home jellyfish aquarium. Trust me, watching the little jellyfish serenely float about is an automatic blood pressure reducer. Still want, by the way.

3. Kane and Couture collars and harnesses.  I spent several wonderful minutes chatting with Kane and Couture owner Amber Forrester, taken with her clever designs that were on-trend and inspired by current trends in the fashion industry. As an added bonus, she makes sizes for large fashionistas too- and you all know how often I complain that it’s hard to find items like that for big dogs. But I chose to feature this harness because it’s a truly unique item- made of comfortable and stretchy swimsuit material, this comfy harness is a great choice for dogs who need a harness but tend to chafe with the traditional strap construction.

4. Waglet Works Adventure Dog Gear. Founders Barbara and Artie brought their background in the movie industry to the canine world with this clever utility belt that allows you to customize your own system that gives you immediate access to whatever dog items you might need without having to wrestle with a big backpack. Bowls, treats, water bottle, poop bags, flashlight, all within easy reach and balanced on your hips instead of hanging off your shoulders. Count me in.

A second round is coming up, but in the meantime, I present to you the most perfect example I have ever seen of a puppy pile, spied at the Purina booth:

Understandably, passersby were asked not to pick up the puppies, but really, it’s times like these I am soooooo, so tempted to say, “I’m a veterinarian and I just really, really need to do a quick exam. Thanks,” and then run off for a couple minutes. (Bev will tell you from the BlogHer experience that I am good at that.)

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  • Vonny

    Jellyfish to me are things to be avoided at the beach, but the Old Soul toys are a good item for future reference since my dog has worn her (still healthy) teeth down with years of chewing bones.

    The puppy pile, yeah, I would have wanted to dive in cuddling and smooching.

    • The toys were very sweet. I like that line a lot.

  • Cathey

    I do NOT know how you left that puppy pile intact! You’re right, that is the BEST photo of one I have ever seen – thanks so much for sharing!

  • Sue W.

    I’m glad you explained #2 (jellyfish aquarium). On first look, I thought it was just a bowl of jawbreakers. Then you explained it. And it still took me a couple minutes to see the jf. Actually, this is pretty cool. But in CA, with earthquakes…if it toppled over…yea, scary. Like a bowl of tarantulas. I’ll watch them on a computer screen saver, thank you very much.
    LOVE your sharing!!

    • It would have photographed better on a black background for sure. I was trying to capture one illuminated by the light!

  • Is that pile of puppies sleeping on a pile of kibble? Or is that some new-fangled bedding?

    • It was an absorbent bedding. Though I can see how it might look like that stuff- what was it called? It was a super gross semi moist dog food that’s supposed to look like ground beef?

  • Sheryll

    We bought our golden retriever of those Bones from Planet Dog, he loves it, he’s got 3 of them 2 green ones that are now torn in half, and a blue one that still intact. He
    loves playing with that bone especially when he’s swimming in the pool.

  • Anonymous

    I want one of those jellyfish aquarium (multiples actually, if I’m being honest) so so so so so so very bad.

  • Will Hise

    Wow! Are jellyfish hard to take care of? That’s awesome! Did you see the jelly exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? So awesome!

    Did you see any dog toys that are less destructible? I keep being suckered by our local boutique shop with new frisbees and toys that are supposed to be soft enough to not hurt teeth but strong enough to not be destroyed. Wally can destroy almost anything in seconds, swallow half of it, and have “stomach issues” the next day.

    • Jellyfish are pretty easy to take care of, so I hear. Typical aquarium care. As for toys, the Bionic line looks amazing- they put them in a Blendtec to show how tough they are!

  • JaneK

    that last pic made me say awwwwwwww outloud and show the pic to my 5 y/o; i totally would have found an excuse to pick them up!

  • Cassie

    The jellyfish look like a modern lava lamp 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the heads up re Kane and Couture. I’m definitely going to check the line out. Like you, I often complain about the lack of chic and girly gear for large and extra large dogs. Since my nearly 80 lb Black Lab/GSP/Hound mix is the consummate New York City “girl,” I’d love for her to be able to sport more fashion forward accessories, clothing and gear.