Never work with children or dogs. And especially both at once.

My daughter has joined the local youth theater’s production of Annie. As a seven year old, one of the youngest in the cast, her role is to stand in the back and look cute. This is good. A good intro to theater.

While I was gone, my husband got to attend the parent meeting. We learned that there is no sliding scale of parental volunteer requirements based on the number of lines in the play, so the parent of the silent kid picking his nose in the back has to do just as much as the parent of the lead. Which is fine, but hoo boy, I’m bad enough juggling commitments as it is. As the mother of a cast member, my job is to paint sets, sew costumes, take pictures, sell tickets, attend rehearsals, and man concessions, and probably a few more things I forgot.

So now I’m trying to be sneaky and figure out alternate ways to get in my mandatory 20 volunteer hours. I’ve already volunteered my husband to do candid photography from rehearsals. Why not. He just treated himself to a new camera. I’m thinking of offering to help out with their social media, because let’s face it, given the choice between that and sewing, I think we all would be happier for it.

My friend, who is quite involved in this theater, asked me if I knew any dogs that might be available to play Sandy. I was impressed with their dedication to bring a real dog into the mix, because shoot, those FurReal dogs would be a heck of a lot easier to deal with, would not pee on Ms. Hannigan, run into the audience, or pull Annie’s wig off her head mid-song like a bad reunion episode of Real Housewives of East County.

I noticed she did not ask if my dog would be available, but that is because she’s met my dog. I don’t know of any highly trained scruffy terrier mixes at the moment, but when they find one, I am pleased to offer my volunteer services as Official Show Vet. They need one of those, surely.


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  • Lisa W

    Koa would hide behind the scenery, but I can totally see how Brody would make every show an adventure!

    • Oh yes, adventure all right. :/

  • Boxen had a role in a play last summer. I don’t remember the name of it. At one point they were talking about what a horrible beast he was and he laid down on the floor. But the best is when the lead commented on the beasts smell and he loudly farted. Everyone in the audience thought it was hilarious, until the horrible smell hit them. Nothing like some good cheese to get a Boxer’s digestion upset a little.

    • That’s hilarious!

    • Ha! I need to make sure they are aware of this risk.

  • Cathey

    I am currently in rehearsals for a variety show that has a ‘dog’ song in it. Others are contemplating a real, live dog for this. I am NOT. I did actually used to have a Golden Retriever who would have willingly and calmly sat for the entire 2½ minutes of the song and stood or laid down at the appropriate times, but she has, alas, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Most of the people who are advocating the live animal do not have dogs – OBVIOUSLY – and I am going to do my best to get this melee of supposed cuteness stopped before it takes on a life of it’s own.

    For the dog, I’d say if they want a real one, the pound is where they found the original – it’s worth a shot if you have someone available to put in their 20 (should that be 60?) hours of parental service training it to at the very least, sit/stay/come!

    Good luck, Dr. V – you may need it!!

    • Cathey

      PS–and I forgot to mention that Kekoa looks so happy in that photo, I LOVE IT!

      • I know, right? I’ve never seen her looking like that.

  • Susan Montgomery

    I have heard of two Irish Wolfhounds playing Sandy, check with the local club. The have the right look, love to be petted, and will lay down and go to sleep on stage once their bit is done.

    • I can see that. Good looking dogs.

  • What lovely dogs. I wish our Chocolate Labrador would pose for photos. The minute we get a camera out, he runs and hides!!

  • Wow!!!! Would LOVE to see how this production plays out!!!