Product Review: Kurgo Wander Pack

As you may recall, I spent a good portion of last week curled up in a ball in my bedroom, drowning my sorrows with cough syrup and muddling through a bizarre sequence of subsequent side effects that gave my malarone experience a run for the money. Note to self: I am, apparently, highly sensitive to all medications. That is what I get for trying the Tim Taylor “MOAR POWER” approach to pharmaceuticals and gulping down an extra strength extended release tablet of guafensin and dextromethorphan without thinking, perhaps I should try the regular strength first. My bad.

Well here we are, a week later experiencing what I can only describe as the world’s most perfect weather. It really is. And as much as I would love to be out running and hiking and drinking it all in, my still-sensitized alveoli can muster no more than a quick cruise around the block before starting to protest, so we make do with what we have.

And it’s a real shame, because I’ve had a review item I’ve been super excited about, the Kurgo Wander Pack, sitting on the table for several weeks, just begging to be used. So I relented, and put it on Brody for a test run, even though our adventure for the day was limited to a 100 foot perimeter around the house.


Brody is a big fan of my push to get us outside and moving as much as possible. I am a big fan of a product that allows him to share some of the burden of lugging along some of the things a dog might require on such an adventure. 

The Kurgo Wander Pack is a well-designed product that is adjustable for dogs between 30-85 pounds. Brody is close to the high end of that weight limit and he still had plenty of room for a comfortable fit with the adjustable straps. The product is designed so the weight of the two side saddle bags can be evenly distributed and borne over the back with a well-padded harness. The product is designed to be adjustable so you can set exactly where the bags will sit on your individual dog. There is also a hook at the back of the harness to attach a lead if you wish.

The bags are generous enough to fit a good number of essentials in there: portable water dish, treats, poop bags, a small water bottle. If I were doing a short enough walk where I wouldn’t be bringing a backpack, I could easily toss my keys and wallet in there as well. Why not. Let Brody help out for a change. The Wander pack definitely has a well-made heft and substance to it, and I also like the reflective strips along the sides in case you’re cruising about in lower light conditions.

Like I said, this maiden voyage was actually pathetically short, but even the Wright Brothers had to start somewhere. Don’t worry Brody, as soon as my lungs are no longer a congealed mess I promise we’ll have a real adventure. In the meantime, I have to hand it to him. The dog knows how to pose. He’s even got the coy peek-a-boo thing down:

I’m bound and determined to get out to some of San Diego’s more scenic trails before summer hits and it gets a little too warm for a Golden to manage comfortably. For the trails with a water diversion, the Wander Pack is also water-resistant so there’s no need to fear him taking a dip. I can’t wait! Lungs, heal thyself! I have some hiking to do!

A note about Kurgo: I had the pleasure of meeting Gordon Spater from Kurgo at Global Pet Expo in their award winning display- they actually drove a restored Airstream trailer down to Orlando for the show, if you can believe it. These guys are the real deal, and they live and breathe their company philosophy of helping people and their active pets get out and enjoy the world together. 


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  • Lisa W

    Best model in the world!

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting! I like the built-in harness part. I will definitely have to take a look at this. And if Brody can’t sell it, no one can! He makes a perfect spokesmodel! 🙂

  • Saoni Sanz

    I hope you feel much better soon!

    Bruno and I could definitively benefit from something like that. I never find a place to put my phone and the keys when we go out.