5 Top Earth Day Pet Products

So yaay everybody, happy Earth Day! In the last year I have been fortunate enough to see the majestic Amazon in Peru, the natural wonder of Ngorongoro Crater, and the jaw dropping Mahale Mountains in Tanzania. And living in California, well, I can’t complain about our natural beauty here as well. We have an amazing, beautiful, really mind-blowing planet to hang out on. And mess up.

I think it’s a fairly natural fit for people who love animals, who are fascinated by wildlife, to also be sensitive to conservation efforts. When burgeoning populations expand ever further into previously uninhabited areas, when forests are razed to make way for agriculture, well, this affects us all. And I’m actually going to see if my colleague who is now at CDC and was once a researcher with the local mountain lion organization will do an interview with me about the concept of human encroachment, because I find it fascinating. But since I don’t know enough on my own to say anything insightful, I want to limit this day’s Earth Day celebration to something I know much more about: suggestions about ways to spend your money if you’re in the market for some pet products that are good for the planet: 


1. Top Dog Bottle: Dog is Good Stainless Steel Bottle

Source: dogisgood.com via Dr. V on Pinterest

This BPA free bottle has a ball bearing so you can flip it upside down and have your dog drink from it, kind of like a big hamster bottle. No plastic to have to recycle, and less water to waste since it’s not pouring onto the ground as your dog drinks from it. Plus you don’t need to carry an extra bowl. $19.99


2. Top Bag: Biodegradable Poop Bags from Poopbags.com

Source: poopbags.com via Dr. on Pinterest

Dog poop needs to be picked up. Aside from the environmental concerns of feces going into runoff and the possible zoonotic disease transmissible to people, it’s just gross. But if you have to pick it up (and you do), why not use a bag that degrades when the poop does? $20.99 for 100


3. Top Cat Product: Recycled Cardboard scratcher from Imperial Cat

Source: wayfair.com via Dr. V on Pinterest

Imperial Cat has a ridiculous selection of adorable scratchers in their recycled cardboard line. Cats love cardboard for scratching: the texture, the corrugation, all of it is pretty irresistible. And you can rest easy knowing that not only have you avoided getting your couches trashed, this is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. Your cat won’t care, because cats are funny like that, but you will. $25.99

4. Top Toy: Orbee Tuff Recycle Balls

Source: planetdog.com via Dr. on Pinterest

Planet Dog isn’t fooling around with their mission to “Think Globally, Act Doggedly.” Since 2006, they have donated over half a million dollars in cash and products and continue to develop responsible products like the RecycleBall- made up of scraps from other productions that would otherwise have gone to waste, they are collected, re-ground, and made into new balls. $14.95


5. Top Bed: PLAY Kalahari Lounge Bed

Source: petplay.com via Dr. on Pinterest

If they had made one big enough, I would have crawled into one of these at Global and taken a long nap. They are soooo comfy, and beautifully made to boot. Cute, check. Both cover and filler are machine washable. Durable, check. And the filling is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. Good for the planet, check. This baby is the triple threat of dog beds. Brody and Koa, you’re overdue anyway- this is topping our wishlist!

And last but not least, your top Earth Day Diversion recommendation:

I’ll be there too. I can’t review it, since I didn’t see it early or anything, not that I wanted to, not that I live in Southern California right where it premiered and live for chimps and cried when I met Jane Goodall or anything. Not one bit. (pssst Disney Nature, in the future, I’m available to blog live from nature movie premieres. I’m just sayin’.)

Anyone else jazzed for this or is it just chimp nuts like me?

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  • Vonny

    Bless Oscar’s sweet little face. Every day should be Earth Day, it’s the only earth we have. I will look out for it when or if it comes here. The beds are lovely, bit too much trouble to get them here though.

    There was an article in NYT’s Well column today that you might be interested in. I am not suggesting what you should put on your blog, but this article resonated with me because I used to be one of those bad owners. Shame on me; I am lucky to still have my slim healthy girl.

  • TaxiLab

    Yes! I’m pumped to go see the movie! Jane Goodall was on Jon Stewart the other night. Go see the movie in the first week – proceeds go to her organization! But only for the first week.

  • Tamara

    I, too, would be available for live blogging from a nature movie premiere. Short of that, I’d love to read your live blogs from a nature movie premiere. Why didn’t they give you a call? Since the trailer alone made me tear up, I’m thinking I’ll have to watch this in the comfort of my own home with several boxes of tissues nearby. I’ll send a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute myself to show my thanks 🙂

    Oh, and I think you’re correct, Dr. V, when you say that love of animals leads naturally to a love of nature and an interest in conservation. I hope all animal lovers can agree that saving them in the wild, and saving the wild so they can live in it, is just as important as saving those we come into direct contact with on the streets and in shelters 🙂

  • I’m looking forward to seeing the movie and even more to the awareness it will create. Ms. Goodall is nothing short of a hero, in my opinion. She’s one of the most amazing women of our time.