Game of Bones: Casting call

Best show on TV. Only thing better are the books.

I tried to convince myself that my life would be complete without doing a take on Game of Thrones, but I simply must. I MUST. Problem is, I have three pets and, as you know if you’re a fan, Game of Thrones has about 154,657 characters. I don’t need that many, but I do need more than three.

So I’m putting out a casting call- a few of you have already noted you have a mastiff that would work as Gregor, that sort of thing. I think this is going to be epic. If you think your pet should make an appearance, send me their pic (not TOO huge, ok? I can’t open a string of 4 MG photos!) and who you think they should play in this bit to drv (at) pawcurious dotcom. The more expressive they look, the better. Extra points for GOT appropriate props.

I’m not set on much, but I simply must have a cream-colored Afghan for Daenerys. There is no other way. If anyone has one, please send the pics along. Brody is Jaime, Apollo is Petyr, and I haven’t figured out if Koa should be Cersei, Jon, or Hodor. Everyone else is up for grabs.

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  • I don’t watch Game of Thrones and am clueless here. But if you need any bones? Boy, have I got bones for you today. I could send you backround photos.

  • Sent you some pics of Loki, my Mastiff. I don’t know if he has the “fierceness” needed to be Gregor though!! LOL!

  • Rwan Hardesty

    You know we’d love to have Learned and Enzo be stars. We’ve added Ms. Fiona. I’ll forward you some pictures of the three later tonight.

    • Excellent!

      • Rwan Hardesty

        Ack. Forgot last night. Asking Siri to remind me tonight. 🙂

  • Lisa W

    I was going Oscar for Daenerys, but he can be flexible! I’ll send pics of him and Sophie so you can decide. I’m assuming that these should be prop-less for the casting call?

    • Wow, he is a good Daenerys. If I can’t find an Afghan, he’s there.

  • Denise N

    I will send you pics of my fawn pug, Forrest! He would be a perfect Tyrion!!!!

  • I have an old Beagle and a black-and-tan toy poodle at your service for casting, though I’m not sure who they would fit as (I just finished “Dance with Dragons” so many of the characters from “Game of Thrones” were… er… well… they’re elsewhere 😉 The poodle has a lovely golden beard and eyebrows and certainly the attitude of a Lannister…

  • We have lots of adoptable dogs to choose from who would love to play a part!

    • Wonderful! That would be great.

  • AJ

    Sent Jack in! I don’t know who he would be. People always think he’s mean, even though he is not, so perhaps Khal Drogo. Or maybe I just love Drogo SO MUCH that I want to see it, haha!

  • I will definitely find or take a photo to send you! The character I have in mind is Arya Stark, maybe just because I like her so much. I’ll see what I can come up with!

    • AJ

      Shiva is smart as a whip; I could *totally* see her as Arya Stark.