Stay bloodthirsty, my friends

I couldn’t figure out why every single babysitter on our list turned us down for Saturday , and then I realized- oh, it’s Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as A Good Day for Tacos and Cervezas here in San Diego. No self respecting college kid would be at home.

In honor of the occasion, I’m going to whip up some Brody’s Surf Shack Fish Tacos, crack open a Dos Equiis, and oh yes, put a sombrero on the dog.

*cue music*

He walks himself…because no one can do it better.

Cats hate him because he has TEN lives.

“Best In Show” was named after him.


Poodles call HIM for grooming advice.

When Cesar Milan met him, Cesar rolled on his back and peed.


He’s the only Golden Retriever who actually retrieves gold.

When he pees on dead grass, it turns green.

His annual shots are Patrón, Bacardi 151, and Jack Daniels.

He is….the most interesting dog in the world.

Stay bloodthirsty, my friends.


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  • ROFLMAO!! Go Brody!!! (Okay, now you are going to have to do one of Brody as the guy from that commercial “Look at your man, now look at me”… the product for which I can’t remember)

    • The Old Spice commercial! If I could figure out how, I would. Those kill me.

      • Deborah Mendez

        In the bath tub with a towel around his waist!!

  • Sue W.

    The perfect meme. Kudos!

  • Summer

    AWESOME! The Cesar Milan and grass ones made me laugh like a loon.

  • Manicfordogs

    I love those golden pics ~ They are so darn lovable!

  • Fabulous! Thanks for the gigglie!

  • Seattle DogSpot


  • Lorie Huston, DVM

    Thanks for making me smile today! Great post.

  • Anonymous

    Tee hee!

  • Burberry’s Mom

    I love it Dr. V! You just made my day, thanks.

  • Laura in KY

    Instant Classic.

  • Awesome! You are hilarious. 🙂

  • Yvonne

    Thanks for this post, I loved it and needed the laugh today!

  • Cathey

    Oh MY! That is too wonderful for words – thank so much, Dr. V!

  • Tamara

    Brody is just…stunning! And I’m guessing he knows it, huh? Thanks for the eye candy, Dr. V 🙂

  • K9diabetes

    Hahahahahaha! Too funny!!

  • I absolutely hate those “most interesting man in the world commercials” but Brody won me over. Obviously the original ads were simply miscast.

    Great job!

  • Melspetpals

    LOL! I had to laugh at the one about grass turning green when he pees. Can I borrow him over here in MN? I could use a dog like that!

  • TaxiLab

    Thanks for re-linking to this post in your yearly reflection. It still made me laugh and smile. Such a great post! 🙂

  • Cathey

    I had forgotten how funny this was – thanks for re-sharing!