The Seven Deadly Sins: Greed


The perfect expression of avarice.

Cami Aloysius as Greed

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  • Sandy Weinstein

    my 2 youngest are greedy. the baby takes the treats and toys out of the oldest mouth. she hides them anywhere she can, in the couch, in the plants. the middle child will take all of the cow’s ears i put out and keep them at her feet, if i try totake one away, that is the one she wants….if one is play w/ a toy, they others want it, if they play w/ another toy, then they want that one as well. the baby has to get all of the new toys, she takes them, then destroys them b4 the others have a chance to play w/ them….kids will be kids

  • Sandy Weinstein

    did you see the video on the news of the dog opening the fridge and taking everything out…the food, plates, even the drawers…..i would hate to see what that kitchen looked like when the parents got home….there was nothing left in the fridge….i bet he had a real tummy ache.

  • Pikachu234

    The cats eyes are really creepy