The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

Moose as 'Pride'

I am very satisfied with myself.

Atim and Izzy know their best angles.

This little street pup from Nicaragua knows how to hold his head high!

There's no problem here. Keep moving.

Jacoby is very, and I do mean VERY, proud of his mistletoe hat!

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  • Lacy C.

    That mistletoe hat is adorable! I have got to have one of those for my kitties.

    • I got it from Scooterknits on Etsy! She makes all kinds of knitted hats for cats.

  • Tamara

    With all those ribbons, Moose deserves to be proud of himself 🙂 Oh, and that mistletoe hat…priceless!

  • Tamara

    Love the little street pup, too :o)


    That is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my Moose. And he TOTALLY knows he’s awesome… 😀

  • Pikachu234

    I think the cat is looking to smooch on someone. What a face. Awesome pics of everyone .