The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

This should suprise no one, but sloth was far and away the most abundant sin of the pawcurious pet readership. 😀

Sissy is unenthusiastic.

Cats like Cami do this so well.

Finn enjoying his siesta.

Watching mom blog tirelessly every day is ROUGH WORK.

Sloth in tandem: Junior and Henry


Sloth in triplicate: Max, Stanley and Charlie

From reader Shelley: " This pic is made funnier by the fact that Wally, in seven years, has NEVER been called slothful by anyone who knows him."

Carlie doesn't feel like lifting her head. That's a lot of work.

Ironically, Andy won this bed at a flyball tournament.

And last but not least, Chancho, who’s got it all figured out at his tender young age:>

I’m heading home now! Should be back in the States by tomorrow. Thank you all for playing along and keeping the blog occupied in my absence!!

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  • Cathey

    They are all perfect photos, but the 2 goldens on the wraparound couch has to take the cake. It’s really the cat that makes it – she is so OBVIOUSLY APPALLED at their behavior! And I can’t wait to start hearing about all the wonderful/scary/exciting experiences in Africa!

  • Pikachu234

    I think that cat is plotting those dogs demise

  • If we could all live a dogs life. What a wonderful place they are in.