Giveaway Tuesday: Goo Gut Rescue!

I think many of you will remember the post and giveaway we did a few months back with Healthy Goo, a product designed to help pets with allergic disease. The response was great and it’s clear there is a huge need for more options for people to manage their pet’s allergic disease.

With their success, the people at Goo are busily developing new products to help pets live long and well. I’m happy today to have another giveaway and share a little about the latest product, Goo Gut Rescue.

I’m not sure we’ll ever know everything there is to know about how the body works, but we’re getting there. In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of the many roles the gut plays in so many aspects of health. It’s more than just a semipermeable tube through which food and water are absorbed; the small and large intestines are incredibly sophisticated organs that can take a decent amount of abuse, but when they’re thrown off kilter, it’s no fun.

We do lots of things to try and throw them off course. We eat high fat foods that overwork the pancreas and end up with nasty GI inflammation as a result.  We eat weird chemicals that the body doesn’t always know what to do with. We take antibiotics to deal with an infection, and kill off all the healthy bacteria that keep the gut working properly.

Over the last few years, there have been an increasing number or products hitting the market to fill the demand for a probiotic for dogs. The old “give them some probiotic yogurt” recommendation, which for a while was the best we had to offer, isn’t the best choice since a dog’s gut flora is quite different from that of a human, and in my experience clients using a product designed specifically for dogs have experienced better results.

A happy gut is a hungry gut, at least if you're a retriever.

Goo Gut Rescue, developed by board certified veterinary dermatologist Dr. Kristin Holm, is a supplement designed to help dogs with a compromised GI tract, such as those on a course of antibiotics, NSAIDs, or those who have been ill recently, to return to a more healthy state.

Ingredients: Let me sum up. Goo Gut Rescue combines probiotics, prebiotics, and an array of fatty acid supplements in a peanut butter vehicle to help restore and maintain GI health. It also contains low levels of common food allergens to build tolerance to these problem antigens- similar to the desensitization we do with environmental allergens, but with dietary products.

There’s lots of great information on the Goo website about the philosophy and the development of Goo Gut Rescue– it’s definitely worth reading for a good background on the product and the FAQs address some of the most common questions.

It’s Giveaway Time!

Do you have a dog that you think could benefit from Goo Gut Rescue? We are giving away TWO Goo Gut Rescues to lucky pawcurious readers!

To enter:

1. Leave a comment below as to why your dog could use Goo Gut Rescue.

2. Make sure you officially enter the contest using the Rafflecopter widget. The additional ways to get entries are optional.

3. US only for this one, please!

Coupon code and a Goo donation with every order!

In addition, if you order a Goo Gut Rescue using the promo code DrV$5GOO you not only get $5 off your order, but the folks at Goo will also donate $10 to the Escondido Humane Society! win-win for everyone.

Note: As a supplement, Goo Gut Rescue is not a prescription item. However, both I and the people at Goo recommend talking to your vet before using any supplement, particularly if your pet is on medications or has a medical condition.
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  • Karla Gutierrez-Pugh

    Our dog Casey would benefit from using Goo Gut. We’re still trying to figure out what types of food she’s allergic and sensitive to. Thanks!

  • FYI but isn’t that a copyrighted image from Fromm?

    • The dog picture? Thanks for letting me know. I will check.

      • Yes.. GOO oversight .. GOO is Fromm Sorry

  • Anonymous

    My granddog, Sugar, eats boiled chicken and rice with a few kibbles thrown in each day because of her food issues. It would be nice to be able to give her some relief from her irritable tummy.

  • Lindsay Pick

    My dog became my dog after an anal gland removal surgery caused permanent nerve damage and fecal incontinence. It’s VERY important for all that have to live with him that his GI stay healthy. He would be a great candidate to try this!

  • My Dog Ruth has been through a lot since March. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and a few weeks later, with a seizure disorder of unknown origin. She is currently taking 6 different medications 4 times daily. Her whole life she has struggled with what I assumed was IBD, but I now have a microscopic diagnosis: Lymphoplasmacytic gastroenteritis and colitis. Usually the treatment for this disease is suppressing the immune system with steroids. Because she is already on so many other meds, and also because I had her on steroids before with little help, I’m willing to try other more ‘holistic’ approaches to her disease. If Goo helps her, I’ll be so happy!

  • lauren guilbeau

    My dog Charlie needs this! He is always having different stomach issues and this would be great to try and see if it helps

  • DenaryTen

    My Longhair Dachshund, Walker (GCh Rubear’s Walk This Way of CHM) is an active showdog, with a senstive tummy. He loves the showring, and anything that would help him have a better time doing what he loves is a great thing. We’l love to try it and see it it helps!

  • Unfortunately, the old “give them some probiotic yogurt” recommendation doesn’t work for my dog… My poodle has always had sensitive stomach, and could not digest any kind of muscle meat (a dog, huh?) properly. He was ok on yogurt for both GI health and additional protein, until he turned 2 years old and yogurt started to upset his stomach, too. Now he is 7, and we need a probiotic for him to supplement his meals. We would really love to try out your product.

  • Jamie Martin

    My dog, Roo, is a rescue dog. We named him that because we have a cat named Winnie the Pooh (can you tell I have a 5 year old?!) and Roo is Winnie’s friend, get it?! He has been on antibiotics for a while because of the ill treatment from his last owner. I would love to see if this would help him!

  • Ju P.

    Our shih tzu mix, Dumpling. We adopted him in January. His shelter name was ‘Winky’, but it seemed cruel because he only has one eyeball. So the first thing we did was change his name. Now he doesn’t respond to ‘Winky’ at all (we tried calling him that a few times just to see if he would react)! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I’ve looked into trying “Goo” products before and am very interested. Clyde has taken several different probiotics made for dogs because of his on again, off again issues. Would love to see if this one does the trick for him!

  • Candice T

    I would love to try Goo Gut Rescue on my greyhound. He’s on the antibiotic doxycycline long term to help treat an auto-immune disease called symmetric lupoid onychodystrophy (SLO). Fortunately he’s not had any GI issues yet, but we are only a month into the antibiotic treatment. It’s likely the antibiotic treatment will be for months, and maybe even the rest of his life. I’m concerned that we may be helping one issue but creating another so I’ve been checking into probiotics.

  • DJ

    I’m a big fan of the healthy goo product and would like to thank you for the recommendation. We’ve been using it since you did that blog post and this has been the least itchy summer my poor guy has had. We even had him off all antihistamines for a while, until the grass pollen hit. And I think we will be able to get him back off the medication very soon. This product is wonderful!

    • Stephen Hauer

      GOO Thank You

  • Lisa F.

    I would probably give this to my new Beagle, Winnie, but really any of mine who might get an acute digestive issue.

  • Why no goo for cats?

    • Stephen GOO

      2013 will be the Year for Kitty GOO.
      Stay GOO Tuned to Dr. Jessica to hear more.

  • I’d love to try this for my Newf. Since he was a pup he’s had a sensitive stomach. He does OK on the occasional yogurt, but it would be nice to try something specific to canines …