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Brody’s dog bed was turning into a sad and sorry thing, a tattered vestige that much like Linus’s blanket, he didn’t want to part with despite its obvious state of despair. I’d try to hide it, and he would go drag it out of the closet and back to the bedroom. Every time I thought about throwing it out, he’d follow me with such a concerned look that I couldn’t bring myself to toss it, despite it being a bed only in the most academic of senses by this point.

So when, a manufacturer of really nice dog beds, offered me a bed to review in conjunction with a giveaway, I said, “Great!” As much as I like doing giveaways for you all, I have been backing off on product reviews because we just don’t need much at this point. But dog beds, well, there is something we could use.

I was so excited when the bed arrived: a sage green plush Ortho-Bliss memory foam bed. When he was younger and still sleeping in his crate, Brody got a small hygroma from lying on a crate pad that wasn’t quite plush enough; it was shortly after that we switched to fluffier beds. Compared to his current bed, this is a Cadillac.


I actually sat on it for a few minutes myself to see if it was really as dense and springy as it felt. It actually feels just like a Tempur-Pedic and is much heavier than the usual egg shell pads I’ve felt in the past. Considering how much time Brody’s spent sprawled out on my memory foam mattress, I figured, this might finally be the ticket to getting him away from that old bed.

He certainly seemed enthused. He immediately came over to investigate as I spread it out in the living room.


Koa, whose bed is still in working order due to her propensity to just flop on the carpet next to the kids’ beds, seemed disinterested. That is, until she got a closer look. Did someone say memory foam?


Poor Brody never had a chance. Old labs win every time. Guess this means I have to buy another.

But you, lucky readers, have not one but TWO chances to win your very own awesome bed that will inspire envy from the household. Pet Dreams is offering two winners the choice of the following best sellers from the site:


Lots of ways to enter, starting by leaving a comment as to who in your house would like to win the bed. For the most chances, like Pet Dreams on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!Β Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.
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  • Look at those sad eyes on Koa! She knows what works on you, doesn’t she? πŸ™‚

    • Yes, yes she does. Happiest dog with the saddest face.

  • Anonymous

    What a look Koa is giving you! Love the color of the pet bed, very cute!

  • Brooke Hinrichs

    Looks so comfy! I am betting my cats would all pile on. They also have a sad old bed that I don’t have the heart to toss. keep covering it with a towel, but that will only last but so much longer…. πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay Pick

    My dachshund might be small but he can dominate a dog bed. These look incredible!

  • Georgia Jewel

    Shorty the labgi would love this.

  • Rwan

    Definitely for Enzo. The other dogs keep stealing the beds we buy for him. Poor guy!

  • Anonymous

    I’m torn between keeping this for my cats or giving it to a friend’s dog if I win.

  • Rose D.

    This would be for my baby Eesa cat! Her bed is getting nasty…

  • Steph

    Oh, definitely for my Reno. He’s almost 10 and showing signs of sore joints.

  • heather t

    Definitely a bumper bed for one of my many cats, they’re always a bed or two short!

  • Amy Orvin

    My dogs, Toby and Sushi. If the cats wanna sleep they can too.

  • Eva W

    My 11 year old Beagle could definitely use some memory foam in her bed!

  • Love them!

  • My little PW would love that!

  • Leigh

    My dog Nika would love one. Her donut bed is wearing out.

  • Anonymous

    for my labrador retriever

  • Marilyn Auman

    My Morkie Chase would love this. He always wants to sleep on my bed…for a while i thought he just wanted to be close to us so I got a bassinet type bed so he could be near us…he wants no part of that. Now I think it is our matress he wants….hmmmm. BTW…..little dogs can be bed hogs too.

  • Katie

    Bailey, our 9-year old lab-greyhound, would love a bed!

  • Cappy

    Ginger, my new-to-me failed-duck-dog lab would get it. She always wants the couch. I want the couch. It’s an issue. grin

  • Shelley P

    This would be for my 13 yr old spaniel mix, Kandy.

  • Kellee

    My senior Beagle Sydney has bouts of immobilization from the onset of Inveterbral Disc Disease. You never know when or what brings it on. She can just jump on the couch and then she cant move for a day. We actually just purchased a memory foam bed for ourselves to make her more comfy because she sleeps with us. We have stairs up to our bed for her. But I’d sure like to give her a comfy bed that she can call her own, thats moveable to the living room so she can lie on it on the floor and doesnt want to jump up on the couch!

  • Nubia R-B

    We would love to win the L PLUSH BLUE CRATEWEAR for our Griffen monster! Make him all nice and cozy πŸ˜€

  • Mprofant60

    We would drool (okay Kobe would, I probably wouldn’t) over the XL purple bumper bed. Kobe is a 13 yr old Golden Retriever who has arthritis. I adopted him two years ago when his previous owner was forced to give him up. My tile floor now have pieces of carpet taped over it all for his comfort, but that is up to his regal standards. THIS bed definitely meets his high standards…

  • TaxiLab

    I have five dogs, but Suzy, the oldest at 12, would be the winner! Like you said, old dogs win every time πŸ™‚

  • Ju P.

    This bed would be for Dumpling, our adopted shih tzu mix. We never got him a dog bed because he is happy plopping down and sleeping anywhere (on the couch, floor, in the shower!). I think he would appreciate having a bed all to himself!

  • Amanda

    My red bone hound “Puppy” would love to have this. And I would love for him to give me my side of the bed back! πŸ™‚

  • My flat coat puppy, Porter, would love to have a new bed. But I bet his older terrier sister will over take it like Koa did.

  • StephB

    Riker, my Springer Spaniel, would love a bed like that! He’s always looking for the squishiest place to crash.

  • I bet I could fit a lot of foster kittens on one of those beds!

  • Joanne Gregory

    This bed would be for my border collie Jed.
    jednc @ hotmail .com

  • This bed would be for our newly adopted dog, Artie.

  • Kamnel

    Totally for our girl Nala who is having a rough go of it. The C-word has been thrown around and it kills me – I would love to have something for her to (hopefully) celebrate her health.

    • Oh geez K, I’m so sorry to hear that.

  • darchole

    The second mention of Petdreams just links back to this site, shouldn’t it link back to

    I wonder if my cat would like this better than he likes my pillow…

    • Thank you for letting me know the link was broken! I appreciate it.

  • oooh! I have four elder dogs that would freaking love this bed, but I am thinking my little pitbull Sally would probably be the one who hogs it.

  • I have 7 dogs, so anyone one of them would be super happy to get it! but my chocolate lab ansli’s birthday is this month, so it would be extra special for her.

  • Openheartscrub

    My Cane Corso puppy, Enzo would LOVE this!! He needs a bed now! !

  • Christine

    Majestic Magellan is always game for an ortho bed πŸ™‚

  • Kimba

    Hm… Banner and Fly are the “old-timers” around here, they each have a bed, so this one would be for the “new guy” Rascal!

  • GR Kailey’s Mom

    Kailey has outgrown her old bumper bed so an XL would be DOGtastic.

  • Lindsay

    I have a jrt that would LOVE a new bed! Hers is beyond repair =

  • Karen B.

    My standard Poodle Finn would love a new bed since his bratty little brother Theo ripped the stuffing out of his old bed.

  • Carrie F

    My chocolate Lab Lily would love a new bad as she recently dirtied her beautiful bagel-bed and I don’t have the guts to try to wash it properly!

  • irene

    My golden retriever, Eli, would love a new bed. I would of course need to Scotch-Gard it, since we are still working on the submissive urination…

  • Heather

    I’d donate it to my friend with two senior Italian Greyhounds. she owns a pet shop and rescues and rehomes about 300 cats and about 50 dogs a year out of her own pocket. her menagerie deserve a treat!

  • Elizabeth Andrews

    My elderly Lab Caley would LOVE this..

  • Susan Montgomery

    Well, Finn would love for Annora to have one, so he can get HIS bed back.

  • Molly

    My 15 year old lab Ellie would LOVE this bed!

  • Our newly adopted 11 year old golden retriever would love this bed, and he’d share it with Kelly too!

  • Ekkirk

    This would be for my lab. She loves my bed but hogs it – about time for a bed of her own that she actually likes!

  • Tabitha Pyle

    for our german shep!

  • Cjordan6893

    Our #5 Rescue poochie, Pearl. She is a black lab bull terrier mix who has a propensity for pushing you out of your bed when she takes it over. She is a Big Lovie!

  • V Grever

    Our yellow lab Wrigley really needs his own bed!

  • Anonymous

    This bed would be for my corgis. Luna would probably claim it, which means Twinkie would get the old bed.

  • Karla Gutierrez-Pugh

    Casey would love one of these awesome beds.

  • Sue W.

    Mocha sleeps on the bed with us so she probably would turn up her nose. But Joe? Joe would love it!

  • Michelle Spayde

    Oh my goodness, I’d give Koa just about anything with those eyes!

    This would be for my Pomeranian, Sarah, but she’d probably have to wait until the cats checked it out first.

  • Martha Sobolow

    Not sure which of my dogs would get this but I’m guessing the older dog, Pita, who is definitely the alpha in the family. Plus she could use a new bed.

  • Meighen Heyburn

    Raj has needed a new bed for some time. I made him a couple but didn’t put enough stuffing in them. I think I’ve convinced my dad to make a wooden frame to hold his bed, but want a nice bed to put in the frame. This would be just the ticket!

  • Carenleetx

    Our 10 yr old Yellow Lab, Famous Amos, with his poor hips would love a bed. Haven’t beed able to find a good quality with lots of padding at any stores we have visited.

  • Phifis1234

    This make me want a puppy… But……………cannot do it. Just have to drool over all the post and play with the ones that are around me…

    They give unconditional love ALL THE TIME.

    Lucky are you if you have a pet.

  • Avrora Davidovna

    My dog Martha would love this bed!

  • Susan

    Tela, our golden/lab mix, needs a bed! She had one when she was little, but she ate most of it. So we decided not to get her a new one until she was older and less likely to eat it. She’s 14 months now and I THINK she’s old enough to not eat the whole thing! The cratewear are beautiful, but Tela just uses her crate mat as a pillow. The purple bumper bed has her name written all over it! And, it matches her purple collar. πŸ™‚

  • Jackie

    The bed would be for my puggle, Frodo, but his cat Charlie has been known to take over favorite sleeping spots…

  • My husband and I need the Large Purple Bumper Bed. Why? Because our Golden, Honey, is a sprawler. Which means she sleeps in her crate in our bedroom. Which means we can’t open our dresser drawers because there’s no room for the crate.

    If Honey had such a nice bed, she’d probably enjoy it without being crated. And we’d have more room to move. πŸ™‚

  • I would love this bed for my best friends lab! She is 11 years old and really battling arthritis lately. She spent a week at our place and we have that same green memory foam bed and she loved it. I would love to be able to surprise her and her achey joints with her very own.

  • I would love this bed for my best friends lab! She is 11 years old and really battling arthritis lately. She spent a week at our place and we have that same green memory foam bed and she loved it. I would love to be able to surprise her and her achey joints with her very own.

  • This would be for my girl Pepper. She is a Dalmation/Blue Heeler mix and is my best friend. She deserves a nice comfy bed of her own and these designer dog beds are really nice.

  • -jeanne

    storm would love a new bed for her crate (she sleeps in it by choice). all it has in it right now is a bathroom type throw rug.

  • This bed would be perfect for our new pooch, Robot!

  • Boris.

  • Lori

    My dogs would love new beds!!

  • Ashley Pruitt

    My new puppy, Gallifrey. He needs a bed! I haven’t even begun to consider buying him one. He’s a chewy little devil.

  • J.C. Fuller

    For my little Chi “Chachi”.

  • Hazel B

    This would So So nice for my 13yr old Cocker she was at the vets office ah week ago & she has begun to start having so many health problems. I just want to make her feel good while she’s still with me because she’s my best friend….with much love to my CAMMIE…….

  • My big Barkerman would love this, but his sister Blazie may steal it! barkergirl33 at

  • My chocolate lab Hershey girl πŸ™‚

  • Rachel

    Our two pups Amy and Luke would love to win one of these gorgeous beds!

  • Ah, when did the contest end? Too bad I missed it!