Talk Like a Pirate Pittie Day

Ahoy mateys! Aye, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day yet again, and in honor of the blessed day, me friend Estelle – that’s Cap’n Estelle the Mighty to you, ye land lubbers, and we’re here to remind ye all it’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week.

Estelle has a soft spot in her heart for pirates- after all, they share an awful lot in common with the types of pets being featured this week. A motley yet lovable crew, misunderstood, maligned by a society that values attributes they have no control over. You know who I’m talking about:

One eyed Jake, the DSH who lost an eye as a kitten but sees just fine;

Ol’ Petey Peg Leg, who lost a leg to a car injury but hauls himself down the poop deck like no one’s business when it’s time for grub;

Earl the Ancient, who’s only ten and can outrun scalliwags half his age;

And the Black Widow herself, the mysterious and charismatic captain of the crew:

Stuffed toys tremble at her approach. The rest of you, though, have nothing to fear. She’s black, she’s a pittie, and that casts what has so far been for her an inescapable shadow over the fact that she is a magnificent young dog.

You all know this crew. You’ve seen them at your shelter, in the rescues, and on Petfinder, a maligned bunch who put up a brave front to be sure, but underneath it all they just want to be loved too. Pirates roam the seas in search of adventure and fortune, having long ago given up on fitting in to a regular society that shuns them. These guys don’t have that luxury. We need to help them by reminding the world that they’re NOT the outcasts to be pitied (or should it be pittied?), but tremendous pets-in-waiting who need a swashbuckler like yourself to come and rescue them.

OK, so enough of the soapboxing. Back to Pirate Day! Argh!

Don’t be letting me hear ye talk smack about me mateys! Did I hear someone talk about liking Breed Specific Legislation? WALK THE PLANK, YE SCURVY SCUM! Estelle! Ready the cannons!

We will bury you!!

Can someone please tell the captain to stop playing with the cannon balls?

Estelle now holds the undesirable record of Pet Waiting the Longest for a home at the Escondido Humane Society, for reasons no one can figure out. It’s been a year now she’s been waiting for her first mate. If you know anyone in San Diego who is ready for a loving companion, please let them know about Estelle. She’s a great pup.

And if you aren’t the area, please consider other ‘less adoptable‘ Seriously Adoptable animals like her: seniors, special needs pets, black animals- it could be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Do you have a Seriously Adoptable Pet?

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    Woof! Woof! Golden LAUGHS! You have a great SMILE. LOVE your flower on your 1st photo. Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • What a beautiful baby! If my house wasn’t already over run, and I didn’t live on the East coast I would so jump in my car to go get her. I have always opted for the less desireable. I LOVE black cats, (all I have ever owned), and currently own a HUGE black dog (which people are scared of just because of his color and size, despite the fact he’s really a clown).
    I hope Estelle finds her forever home soon. Bless her heart, that is a face you could just love on all day.

  • She’s a cutie, what a sweet face.

  • Awww, Estelle looks like such a sweetheart! I can’t understand why a dog with such a winning personality would be at a shelter for so long. A year is just far, far too long. I hope her family shows up soon!

  • Pikachu

    A darling girl such a sweet face. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Escondido Humane Society

    Estelle is so lucky to have you as her champion! She has spent half of her life at the Escondido Humane Society, and while we adore her and will miss her terribly when she’s adopted, we can’t wait for that special someone to recognize her as a Seriously Adoptable Pet and take her home.

  • Dawn Ross

    Estelle, ye be quite a lass. Ye may be a landlubber but ye got me heart. I hopes ye fine yer furever home soon. Arrgh!

  • What a cutie! You talk like a pirate quite well ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Wordless Wednesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • GreenEggsAndHamlet

    What a creative way to get the word out about Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. I wish I could adopt Estelle but a) I don’t live in San Diego and b) I live in Denver where BSL is – very unfortunately – the rule of the law.

  • Tamara

    The most awesome Talk Like a Pirate post ever!!!!! I do have a previously less adoptable baby – Bailey, a senior, black Persian. The fact that she’s a senior, that she’s black, that she has long hair (which some people just don’t want to deal with), and the fact that she was recovering from illness after 6 months in the shelter all made her ‘less adoptable’ to some, but purrrrfect for me! I haven’t regretted bringing her home for one second ๐Ÿ™‚ She even has her own song. It goes like this:

    (sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’)

    Bailey Jane is my girl
    She’s not a stray, all alone in the world
    The kitty’s got a home.

    She thinks I’m crazy when I sing it to her, and she may be right, but it represents sooooo much!

    Thank you, Dr. V, for shining the spotlight on these wonderfully-adoptable pups.

  • 2 Punk Dogs

    Estelle is the most beautiful tuxedo pit bull I’ve ever seen! It’s strange that she hasn’t been adopted yet with that great smile. Hopefully soon!