A Bucket Full of Food: Day 1: Jicama

Well, just because my dog is sick doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Indeed, I would argue it is more an impetus than ever to have fun.

With Emmett, that meant taking long walks every day until he didn’t want to anymore. He was an explorer, a retriever’s retriever, and all he wanted to do was splash in the water and chase birds.

Koa hates adventure. She’s a homebody. I was thinking to myself, what would be on her bucket list? And all I could come up with was, A Menu.

So there you have it. From now until the day she leaves us, I will let Koa indulge her gourmand appetites and try a new food every day (or almost every day.) Because Koa is, and I know this, a foodie above all else.

I’ll start with what I have around, but if anyone has suggestions for treats that ALL DOGS MUST TRY before they leave this planet, let me know. I’d like to make a list.

Day 1: Jicama

Ate it.

And you know this would not be Brody’s bucket list adventure choice at ALL, because he spit his on the ground. Then Koa ate that too.

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  • Before she would eat normal dog food (wet/dry mixed), my Lola would eat raw zucchini and cut up hot dog. Cheese was a treat. Now I try with apple and lettuce (tomato was a NO yesterday. And bacon is a treat.

    If I were a dog? Maybe Sushi? and Buffalo…

  • Deborah Mendez

    What a great plan! I hope she discovers many new favorite foods — and maybe the occassional can of opened cat food!

  • Financial Black Sheep

    Definitely buffalo, fish, papaya, steak and hot dogs. I know fried foods aren’t the best, but I bet she would love those. Just thinking of all the not-so-horrible stuff dogs might like and wouldn’t hurt their insides. It’s sad, because my husband’s grandfather just died and this made me think of what he would have liked before he left. I keep thinking southern fried food and anything meaty.

    • I’m very sorry about your husband’s grandfather. He sounds like my kind of guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ivypt

    So sorry to learn of the situation about Koa, but found this bucket list post so heartwarming.

    Though horrible for pets (with the fried nature), has she tried french fries? My cat (almost 17 years old) loved them as an occasional treat as a kitten, and still loves them. She also liked strawberries (dried like raisins) as a kitten, but doesn’t care for them now. Maybe Koa would like that too?

    • Oh, I’m not worried about giving her a French fry here and there. A whole handful, probably not, but she has an iron stomach so a bit of fried food won’t give her pancreatitis. Maybe I should let her try a bite of a Happy Meal. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • how about kangaroo, ostrich and alligator? I’ve tried all three of those meats and they’re pretty good. custard apple, mango and lychee are some tropical fruits she might like.

    • Wow, alligator! I can find ostrich, but alligator might be a challenge out here in San Diego. Hm, I will have to start poking around….

  • Tamara

    What a wonderful way to spend your days together ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope Koa enjoys every little tidbit that comes her way, food-wise and other-wise!

  • I’m almost ashamed to admit this as a veterinarian, but man, my little Chihuahua likes a tiny sip of beer every now and again ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • ha! I’m wondering if Koa would try a Guinness, or maybe a lick of port.

      • JaneK

        my pharoah mix LOVED red wine!!!!!

  • Cathey

    OMG! That is too funny for words! I think first on the list should be bacon, bacon, bacon!

  • Sherry in MT

    Well she’s already done cat food, cat litter and probably cat poo – really what more could a girl want? LOL Boiled beef heart with garlic is a fave of my kids! But then so is anything *I* am eating!

  • Dusty

    i’d suggest some raw meat with bone in.. kinda grossed me out the first time i gave my dog a raw chicken wing.. but she sure did enjoy that crunch. oh.. and they turkey necks at thanksgiving make her super happy.

  • Staci

    My dog loves bananas, but they have to be pretty green. She doesn’t like ripe ones. Sad about Koa, but glad she’s getting A Menu. This is probably her dream come true!

  • Have you ever given her a raw egg? Outside of course. Because retrievers have soft mouths they are able to walk around with them without breaking them. Both of mine love raw eggs but treat them very differently. It might be an adventure she’d enjoy.

    • I think I’m going to have to try that today!

  • Slimdoggy recommends pretty much everything, raw carrots, strawberries, bananas…even brussel sprouts, but whatever dad is having for dinner is usually the favorite! All in moderation of course!

  • So thoughtful, to come up with a list she might have written. Jasmine would probably like both ways. Walk until you drop and then eat something yummy.

  • Nanarama

    My Border Collie/Lab mix (Candi) absolutely loved Skittles. And I was so sorry to hear about Koa. I started reading this blog before Emmitt (I can’t remember how you spelled his name!) passed, and I have so much empathy for all of you right now. I’ve always had a soft spot for Koa, the old soul, because she reminds me so much of my Candi-Girl. Hang in there. We’re sending good juju your way from PA.

  • Cappy

    Whipped cream from the can. LOL!

  • Trish Brumfield

    Nutria dog treats! http://www.marshdog.com/MarshDog/Biscuits.html

    I also found dehydrated alligator dog treats for Koa! http://yassysgdk.com/category.sc?categoryId=3 It looks like Koa will also get a:

    FREE one count of Buffalo Trachea Strip (Buffalo version of Moo-tubes sliced into strip)
    wIth your order! ๐Ÿ™‚ The site also has other nutritious (and I am sure Koa would think delicious) treats, too! Hugs to you and Koa! xoxo

    • Holy cow, that’s awesome. Thanks for the links.

  • At some point….. chocolate. Every living thing needs to experience chocolate. Just a bite.

  • kychilehead

    Blade loved with every being of his soul, strawberries and cantaloupe. And the occasional sip of a margarita (which is why I toast him with a margarita twice a year). Although he used to beg his Mammaw for the bourbon soaked ice cubes too. Cookie goes bonkers for: green peppers, strawberries and watermelon. She gets the occasional strawberry sundae at the pool. And also a finger dip in bourbon or red wine. I know none of those are exotic but they are things they loved. I have a fellow dog friend that feeds her Shiba sushi. I may have to try that with Cookie. Maybe Koa would like it too?

  • I live in Ireland and my friend had a dog who loved Guinness, so when he became very ill they took him to the pub for his very own pint as a special treat before they had to go to the vet to say goodbye. Good luck with Koa and may her bucket list be very long and full of goodies!

  • What a wonderful thing to do for Koa, it must make her feel like everyday is the Best Day Ever! My pup loves Haribo gummy bears. And they do have to be Haribo!

  • Crumpet’s mom

    persimmons… my dog lives for persimmons, mashed potatoes and pumpkin bread (made with applesauce) are top choices too

  • Amy

    Abbydog loved popcorn, and if from my brother, potato chips. She would not take potato chips from anyone else. Billy loved wild strawberries and would pick them himself from the vine. He also liked beer. Neither got a bucket list, they were put to sleep the same day we went to the vet for treatment. Both were a shock.

  • My suggestion is spaghetti.Mine love it and it’s fun to watch. Maybe an outdoors thing….

  • sandy weinstein

    i have 3 min. schnzr, the middle child will eat anything, if you drop something, you better grab it quick. the oldest is very picky, as she was as a baby, she always smells things, except her reg dog food b4 she eats anything, she will even lick it sometimes then decide if she wants it or not. when they get treats, she is also very picky, i have to lay out 3/4 different treats b4 she decides which one she wants or will eat. she will look at me until i give her one that she wants if it is not out ….i try to accommodate her since she is 11 and i want her to be happy in her senior yrs.