Bucket Full of Food, Day 2: Kale

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make her eat vegetables every day. She gets what I get, which today was kale chips, and man were they good.

She chomped one up and asked for more.

Brody was not impressed. He’s holding out for “bacon day.”

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  • kgseymour

    My dogs haven’t developed a taste for kale. Then again, I’ve only barely gotten my husband on board.

    (Loving this. Thanks for sharing.)

  • Lisa W

    The chips are how to make kale taste yummy. BTW, love the glitter nail polish! Perhaps Koa would like a matching paw-icure….

  • TwoBarkingDogs

    Haha! I made some this weekend -yummy! I gave one to my labbie and he spit it back at me with a look of fear and disgust on his face. I am sure he thought I was poisoning him.

  • Financial Black Sheep

    <3 Koa! I hope she got quite a few of Kale chips today ๐Ÿ™‚ Your dogs remind me of my cats. I have two newer rescues that love almost any sort of food, while the two older cats will snub eggs, because they know I have bacon on my plate. Brats ha! My dog on the other hand, is into almost anything, except lettuce. She looks at you like it was dirt and spits it out too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cathey

    On Koa’s recommend, I will try kale chips the next time I see them somewhere. {{Koa}} (hugging Koa)

  • KIWI! I even eat the skin if mom let’s me.

  • My dog (a year old Yorkie) prefers vegetables over meats & fruits…give her a few slices of raw carrot & she loses her mind.

  • Wow that really looks good, My dog loves both vegetable and Meat. What is that thing that you’re holding?

  • sandy weinstein

    i go to a homeopathic vet, she used to make me make all of my dogs’ foods as she does, she does not recommend any processed foods even though her practice sells science diet prescription. kale steamed in olive oil is one of her favorites as well as mustard greens steamed in olive oil. my dogs love both.