Buckets of food: Tramaducken

Tramaducken: A turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with assorted pain medications. Merrick makes a Turducken canned food that allowed me to get all three in there in one shot.

Did not have any problems getting the dogs to eat this, lick the plate, lick each other’s plate, then beg me incessantly for more.

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  • LOL How do you normally handle Koa’s meds?

    • Kong stuffing.

    • Another good option are Greenies brand pill pockets. They worked great for my dog with all different kinds of pills.

  • Cathey

    Sounds like REALLY yummy stuff!

  • Annette Frey

    Aww…. tramaducken. Perfect for pill hiding! Good girl Koa!

  • Michelle S

    My girl loves the Turducken! Too bad it doesn’t work for getting Tramadol into a CAT!

  • Lisa F.

    If my dog even gets a taste of tramadol, he froths at the mouth.

  • Woah, the tramaducken trick. Is it always effective?