Smooth Criminal

It’s been a mystery in the house ever since we moved in: who’s been raiding the cat litter? Until we get the cat door installed between the house and the garage, we’ve been stuck leaving the door open and trying with varied success to block the perp from the garage.

Suspect One: Brody

Has been seen lurking in the vicinity of the garage door, occasionally licking lips and acting guilty.

Suspect Two: Koa

Despite outward appearances, the more sneaky of the two. Spotted with evidenciary litter stuck to nose. According to closed circuit TV recordings (read: baby monitor) noises sounding like Koa grunting were captured coming from the region while we were out.

Getting to the truth has been making me nuts. Who is the secret poop eater? WHO??



BUSTED! They were co-conspirators all along! I caught them both there this morning, Koa just slow enough to fail on lookout responsibilities. They got me. I never would have suspected them of working in tandem. So now I have yet another afternoon of toothbrushing to look forward to and about three assertive texts to my spouse that the cat door needs to be installed STAT.

Anyone else got a Raiders of the Lost Box? So gross.


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  • Lisa W

    Now that’s what I call teamwork! Gross teamwork, but nonetheless…

  • kgseymour

    Oh, god, yes. It’s SO GROSS.

  • Elizabeth and the Lab crew

    not sure how wide the door is but a baby gate works great.. Put if high enough the cats can go under but not the dogs..

    • Now that is clever. I would never have thought of that.

      • the cats will jump over the gate too – I have to keep the litter boxes upstairs (dogs don’t have access unless they are with a human upstairs) but they are behind a gate OR 2 of my pooches LOVE! eating cat poop regardless if there is litter stuck all over it .. SO gross!

  • Michelle S.

    I picked up a Booda Clean Step litter box for my mother who had the same problem with her enormous German Shepherd. Problem solved.

  • TeriM

    My labbie would steam through the baby gate but then we installed a cheap hook/eye thing which worked great. It installed at a good angle to keep the door open wide enough for the cat to slip through and high enough that smart dogs could not disengage.

  • Tonya Whetsel

    I have a solution for that one. It’s a baby gate with a cat door. It swings open for easy human access, and the smaller door in the bottom stays open so the cat can go through but not the big dogs! Similar to this one on Amazon: Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door. One of my better investments!

  • Cathey

    What’s that old song “smooth operators . . . .” We have caught ours being ‘partners in crime’ on more than one occasion.

  • We didn’t want a cat door in our bedroom door, but wanted to keep the dogs confined at night. So my husband made a modified “gate hook and eye” that extended the gate hook length by adding in a piece of dowel to increase the width the door stayed open. This kept our dogs IN the bedroom and let the cats come & go as they pleased.

    You need:

    4 screw eye hooks
    1 gate hook,
    A piece of dowel cut to width ( think he used 1/2″ dowel)
    (gate hook length + dowel length = approx width the door stays open).

    1) Screw one eye into the door frame
    2) Screw a 2nd eye hook into one side of the door
    3) Screw a 3rd eye hook one end of the dowel.
    4) Screw the hook into the other end of the dowel.
    5) Here’s the semi-hard part – using a pair of pliers, open the eye at the end of the dowel and connect it the eye in the door frame, then close it again.

    You now have an extended width “gate hook and eye”. And with the extra width, it can be hooked from either side (with practice, you get really good at it).
    Sounds like a lot of work, but it sure was better than putting in a cat door!

  • We use a Clever Cat litter box that looks like a large plastic container with a hole in the lid. Mosby can’t fit his head in far enough to get to the goodies inside and luckily, Molly isn’t interested in anything that isn’t a sock.
    Now, if you have a way of stopping a sock thief I am all ears.

  • ๐Ÿ˜‰ As a matter of fact, yes; however, my “adventure” to Grosstown was a bit more “elementary.” [gag]