Minimizing the Stress of Euthanasia

I can’t believe Koa’s been gone over a month. Sometimes I still look for her around the corner or find some black fur stuck to a sock buried in the laundry pile. We are still adjusting.

I did a quick Google Hangout video talking about some of the lessons I’ve taken from my own dogs as well as my experience in the clinic. I hope it has some information people find useful, especially to those who have never been through the process before.

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  • kgseymour

    Nice job handling a really tough topic. Some of my friends think I’m really morbid, but I try to give a lot of thought to those things well in advance because I know I don’t want to deal with decisions like that when they actually *have* to be made. This is really helpful.

  • thecatguy

    great video, I like how you talk through the process so people know what to expect and their options. Thanks for putting this public service together.

    Everything I have heard about the experience is that it is peaceful and the animal doesn’t experience any pain, however sadly, I must have been the exception. My first time going through the process was very traumatic because there was nothing peaceful about it. My cat resisted the sedative and so they had to administer a second dose which involved him screaming out in pain and aggressively fighting the process. Gosh, it was awful for everyone. It’s hard having a last memory with him that was so traumatic. I liked your last memory with Koa (eating ice cream peacefully) much better. Have you ever had it go wrong like I experienced?

    Oh, and I almost didn’t recognize you without the shades! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow, I’m so sorry that happened to you. It can happen, but it’s extremely unusual.

  • Tabitha W

    I’m still struggling with Magoo’s death and feel like I go through phases. Sometimes I see things that remind me of him or things he would have loved and I get emotional, happy or sad. I was blessed to have a very sweet kind and patient vet when we went to say goodbye. She even suggested that I hold him but I knew he wouldn’t like that. I also got a paw print made. It’s comforting. I was lucky enough to have a vet tech as a best friend who prepped me on what was going to happen. That too helped

    The video was great. Thanks for doing it

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