Apollo Chaplin Wishes you a Happy Hairball Awareness Day

If there’s one thing that’s harder to get a good picture of than a black dog, it’s a black cat. At least Kekoa was easily bribed. Apollo- well, let’s just say this was an all-hands on deck sort of mission.

For National Hairball Awareness Day- which is today, by the by- we were invited by Furminator to participate in their Cats with Moustaches Campaign. The concept was simple: Furminate your cat (cakewalk), glue the hair onto a cardboard moustache (Messy, but elementary), then get a photograph of said cat posing just right with the moustache in front of their face (Level 23 Difficulty), and oh yes the cat and the moustache are monochromatic and the lighting in the house is bad (Pick up the ring, go into Mordor).

This is why we wound up with this picture:


Because without Photoshop, this wasn’t going to happen.

Apollo’s opinion of the matter was somewhere along the lines of, “You will pay for this.” Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw my frantic post about the best pet urine removers this week? I’m convinced that’s payback. And this, my friends, is why he’s so rarely on the blog. He’s antisocial.

Brody, on the other hand, noticed a camera and treats and happily posed free of charge for 15 shots with Apollo’s fur huffed to his face. He liked it.

To see what the other 11 brave cat writers came up with for this campaign, check them out on People Pets. In return for these photos, Furminator generously donated 25 Furminator tools to a shelter of our choice for each participant, so it was worth every second. 🙂


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  • My black cat tolerates furminating – but then he rolls in the hair that has flown all over the kitchen floor. The moustache thing is too much!

  • Rose D.

    My black cat needs to be brided to be brushed. But I need to step up my game. This spring, she isn’t just puking them up, the hair in her stools is making her alternately consipated or butt scooty. (Which is really fun when there was a three inch piece that didn’t detach thanks to said hair.)

  • thecatguy

    Cats are so fun! All my cats loved to be brushed, only a few need furminating. Pictures of moving black cats are challenging, for sure! Good job landing one!

  • Michelle

    I have very few good photos of my black cats, and not many more of my mostly black dog. I do love this photo, though! Very creative!

  • By the way … when do we get to see the pics of Brody with an Apollo mustache on his face? 🙂