The Exquisite Pain of Impatience

You know how when you plan a vacation for a year, it’s all well and good but the last week before you go is torture?

It’s kind of like that.

I have this bottle of Dom in the pantry. I got it for my wedding in 2001.



I haven’t touched it all these years, not even for any of the following occasions:

  • 1st anniversary
  • 10th anniversary
  • birth of first child
  • graduating vet school
  • buying house
  • selling house

But next Tuesday, I might be opening it. I might be celebrating the culmination of something I have been working on for months now (but really much longer than that); or, if it falls through, I’ll be sadly putting it back into the pantry, lonely and abandoned. But I’m hoping that’s not the case. I hope on Tuesday I’ll be posting a picture of me and the champagne flute and I can tell you about something I’m kind of frothing at the mouth over.

This is going to be a long week.

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  • Cathey Avery

    . . . for all of us. Waiting in anticipation!

  • Deborah Mendez

    Sweet! Sending positive mojo your way!

  • lns

    I hope you get to celebrate success, yet I feel great effort needs to be rewarded as well. celebrating and giving yourself a well deserved pat on the back – and sip of champagne – can help you recognize & accept the value of your hard work, and give you what you need to keep moving toward your goals. cheers!

    • Good point. Either way I’m drinking something on Tuesday. 🙂

  • JaneK

    Awwww, man….. I hate cliffhangers……

  • Leigh


  • Barbara

    Hope it tastes as good as you deserve

  • Cleopawtra

    Dr. V you are such a tease. Not even one little hint. We here have all our fingers and paws crossed to bring you positive MOJO your way. And no matter whether things work out or not enjoy the champagne you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back with all that you have accomplished. Again finger and paws crossed, good luck!!!

  • Riley Shih Tzu

    ohhh the suspense!!

  • Brandie Miranda Greany

    One more day! Can’t wait to hear!