Paws for the Philippines: The Power of One


You, right now, are needed.

By now we have all seen and heard about the devastation wrought in the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan. The stories are almost too much to bear.



If you’re wondering why the media hasn’t been more active covering the story than they have been, it’s because everyone is still trying to get there. It is BAD. Bad, bad, awful, nightmarish. My heart goes out to those many souls and I will, as always, make a donation to the Red Cross to help the human victims.

The plight of the animals, domestic and wildlife, will almost certainly be overshadowed by the massive human suffering, but make no mistake, they are in dire need as well and even less likely to get it. I view animal welfare in a disaster as one more necessary component of disaster relief, not something to do later or when all the other needs are met, but in conjunction with other efforts. This is why there are veterinarians and animal welfare organizations who are trained for these sorts of situations. As always, World Vets has stepped up to help our friends across the world. After speaking with our contacts in the Philippines, World Vets is sending a team with requested immediate supplies and is on their way now. Once they have arrive, World Vets has committed to continuing support as the needs evolve. This will not be a short-term mission.

I am asking for you, you reading this, to do one thing. One act of love to support the animals whose lives and stories may never make CNN, but whose suffering, we know because our friends there are living it, is intense. Help the people, please, of course, and then do one thing for the animals. Just one. Please consider donating, it’s tax deductible and this fund is earmarked entirely for typhoon relief.


I am donating one: one day’s worth of salary. That will be my one. You may choose to donate one day’s Starbucks. Or one dog leash. One dollar. One thousand dollars. Or nothing, of course, but I hope you can find one act of love you are willing to put into action. World Vets can take a whole lotta ones and make ONE BIG IMPACT on the lives in the Philippines. I invite you all to be a part, and to make November 15th the day you commit to One Act of Love. What’s your One?

Please help me get the word out and do some good! I can’t do it without you!


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  • E.A. Summers

    Dr. V.
    I applaud your passion for the animal victims of this disaster and for World Vets. And I appreciate the knowledge that World Vets is a reputable organization to donate to in order to help animals around the world.
    I will not be donating to World Vets at this time, but World Vets is now on my radar for charitable giving – Thank you!
    As far as donating for this particular disaster, it is NOT because there is no need. It is NOT because I don’t believe that every dollar will have an impact. It IS because, I personnally, choose to donate – time AND money – to my local shelters and rescue organizations and also to Morris Foundation for canine and feline cancer research.
    I am commenting vs staying silent because several years ago, when I posted an impassioned plea for help for a cause on my own blog…and NO ONE commented to say anything. NO ONE! It was horrible. Not even a word of support from any of the “daily cheerleaders”. I shut down the blog.
    I hope many are inspired to donate to World Vets: now or in the future. I have passed
    the link to this post on to others but I also felt compelled to be honest about my own choice at this particular time.

    • Thank you for this. 🙂

  • carolinegolon

    Thank you, Dr. V. and World Vets for doing this extremely important work.

    • Thank you C! mwah

  • Annette Frey

    Thanks for always being on top of the who’s and what’s to help us navigate the right organizations to help animals in need!

    • Thank you Annette! You’re the best!

  • AuntChristine

    Just sent my donation – today’s dog-walking fees as pledged. Thank you for helping the animals in need, which, of course, also helps their people.

    • That is amazing- thank you, so much.

  • Cathey Avery

    Made my donation and many thanks to you for steering us to the place that will do the animals the most good. As another comment said, if we can help the animals, we will also be helping their owners. Good work, Dr. V!

    • Thank you Cathey!

  • Marose Magpily

    Just wanted to say, on behalf of my country and all the animals here, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts! It is truly appreciated. 🙂

  • In behalf of our fellow men, women and pets in the Philippines, we would like to send you our most sincerest gratitude. Indeed, it felt like a holocaust of epic proportions. The first days were harsh. People were hungry and thirsty. A lot of them have gotten sick. It’s been more than a week since the dreaded typhoon hit the country. People are now beginning to rise from the rubble to recover from this harsh experience. Foreign aids from the different countries have been bountiful and we are blessed to have so many helping us.

    I pray that the people affected by Haiyan (Yolanda) find the strength to rebuild their lives.