Naughty or Nice Giveaway 1: Motorola WiFi Pet Monitor!

Has your pet been naughty or nice this year? You can find out for sure with the Motorola Scout1B Wifi Pet Monitor. I used a camera like this to verify it was indeed Kekoa and not Brody who was counter surfing while we were out.



Here’s the description:

This remote Motorola Scout1 Wi-Fi Video PET Monitor camera allows you to monitor your pets from anywhere. Catch live action, record video and take snapshots while controlling the camera with Remote Pan, Tilt and Digital Zoom. Home or away, Motorola’s SCOUT1 gives the comfort of keeping an eye on your pet convenient and fun.

Features: Wi-Fi video camera PC, MAC, Android, & iPhone/ iPad iOS compatible, video compression image snapshot, video recording, remote pan, tilt and zoom, two-way communication, infrared night vision, connect up to four cameras
Includes: Wi-Fi Camera, User’s Guide, Quick Start Guide and Power Adapter
Dimensions: Camera: H 4.0″ x W 3.35″ x D 3.84″, Gross Weight: 0.44 lbs

Infrared night vision! It’s like having your own Predator goggles. Retail value: $299. I’m giving one away, right here, right now. You can enter below, and/or on the pawcurious Facebook page ! See the entry form for all the usual fine print. Good luck!
Congratulations to Jillian C, the winner!

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  • Annie!

  • Cryssy

    Yogi and Boo.

  • Jamie Rose

    Beethoven, my 9 year old Mutt, who thinks he is totally an angel…. until we leave the house!

  • Nubia Rojas-Blas

    Haha, I have six pets, they all have different sets of naughty behaviors, so the tendency is to blame the (sometimes innocent) one who is usually associated with that flavor of mischief. Would be fun to know for sure 🙂

  • I would use this to get the two little rug-rats (Chloe and Cheerio) in trouble with Mom. – Daffodil. She never believes that they are up to mischief.

  • Lisa W

    I could get two for one, and be able to check on Sophie AND Oscar!

  • ivypt

    I need to catch both my cats!

  • Megan

    I need to find out who is always sleeping on the couch–either one or both of my dogs!

  • Michelle S

    I’d love to know which cat opens the cupboard, pulls the dog treats out, and rips into the bag. I’m running out of places to stash those things!

  • Jessica R

    I would love to know which of my kitties is destroying the decorations around the house!

  • JaneK

    I would totally enter the giveaway except that I don’t think Fuzzy Henry(the guinea pig) gets into too much trouble from his cage during the day and Haden the beta fish is pretty well mannered. But how fun. And by the way, we went through and sang all the of the verses of the 12 days so far. My 6 year old is loving it.

    • I am so glad I am not the only one who does this :D.

  • I need to see if Mr. Gatsby and Hattie Mae get along when I’m not around…

  • Elliott Garber

    We will be curious to see how much time Siena spends prowling around the kitchen counters…

  • keighter

    I wonder what Pikey does to the xmas tree when I’m not around… probably knocks off all the candy canes with her tail.

  • I just want to see if Doc really sleeps in the same spot all day while I’m at work.

  • JennB

    I’d love to check on my dog and see what she actually does during the day…..

  • Chintan Vora

    We crate our dog when we are out for dinner or movie and my wife is always on the edge as to what our little one is doing in there….barking/sleeping/eating/biting etcetc. This will definitely help us enjoy a worry free night out!!!

  • Kitties Blue

    HOW COOL IS THIS! It will be purrfect for Cat Scouts for Mauricio. Sure hope win. Meowy Catmess…MOL, HO, HO,HO! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • OliviaRubin

    This would be great for my sister to check in on her cats and what they do to the new babies things when no one is around

  • Wendy Wyman

    We travel a lot and although we have a great pet sitter, it would be super awesome to see what kind of mischief our furbabies, Simon and Oliver get into when no one is watching. Not to mention it would give us a much needed “kitty fix” while we’re on the road. This monitor looks so cool… Sure hope we are lucky enough to win! 🙂 Wishing you a Meowy Christmas and Purrfect New Year!!

  • Jessica Schock

    I suspect my two dogs sleep all day – would love to see if they’re secretly frolicking while we’re gone.

  • Melody

    I’d love to catch my cat in the act while I’m at work… He often leaves all the cupboards open by the time I come home, and it would be great to see what he’s doing all the time!

  • Chris

    My rascal Riley! He finds ways to get into trouble

  • Leslie MacDonald

    My cat Dexter – he tries to climb the tree on a regular basis!

  • nici r

    My mom’s dog, Bridget isn’t doing to well. I would love to give this to her to be able to keep an eye on Bridget when ahe is out. And I would able to check on her too!

  • Jack’s mama

    Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I think first, I’d have to find out when/if the clown loaches come out of the rocks and swim. And then, which dog starts the howling (and who participates)

  • Christina

    I need to catch my dogs being naughty, they tear open treat bags and get into the trash when we leave. I want to know if it’s Roly, BitBit or both of them being naughty!

  • Kathryn

    This would be perfect for my brother- and sister-in-law to check on their corgi while they are at work!

  • Leahanne

    It’s be nice to see if my corgi friend gets up on the couch when we’re gone. We highly suspect that he does.

  • Champ

    Squeak the cat, cruising the kitchen counters…

  • Jason D Nickolay

    I need to catch my sneaky Lab/Retriver

  • lnsierra

    I need to spy on my four – Turbo, Alice, Spatz, and Lene – see who is picking on who…

  • Jenna Z.

    I would like to be able to watch our newly adopted dog while we are out! Right now he is crated but I have a feeling we could trust him, but I’d want some reassurance first as to what he’s doing!

  • Evelyn B

    My wiener dog Jacob is mischievous. I need to see what he is up to.

  • polaivar

    We have 2 little boys who sometimes need to be left alone for short periods when we go out for dinner or to run errands. I know they don’t misbehave TOO much, but sometimes we come home to things a little out of place! It would be great to be able to check in on them sometimes to see how they’re doing, just to ease our minds so we can relax while we’re out.

  • stephanieann

    I need to catch my cat Snowball, he’s always up to something!

  • Cathey Avery

    I would LOVE this as it’s really a geeky thing, but I’m sure there’s someone who really NEEDS to monitor their pets- I hope they win it!!

  • sandy weinstein

    i need to watch my youngest at 3, who shreds potty sheets, tears up even the indestructible toys, and takes dead leaves and the plants out of pots….with my 4 yrs old, i have to watch that she does not have an accident behind my back, even if she just went outside…my oldest does nothing wrong…..she has always been an angel in the house since she was abt 10wks old….

  • Lean S

    Definitely my yellow lab. Thank you for the chance!

  • Angela Yer

    This would be perfect for my sister so she can monitor her Great Dane.

  • Lauren Eggers

    My kitten Lily. She’s like a spider monkey, I feel like I need to watch for her safety

  • Mallory H.

    I would say Cleo, out of my 3 would be naughty 🙂