On the Ninth Day of Petmas

My SoCal buds gave to me….

9 Surfin Santas!

Pawcurious day 9

Eight Toes a-Twinklin’

Seven Noshes Nibbled

 Six things to lay on

Five faaaavorite things

Four doggie nerds

Three Irish Hounds

Two turtles, Dove

And a cat messing up my new tree!

You all know I love me some SoCal Surf Dogs. I wish I had more time to spend with this amazing group- the times I have gone out with them have reminded me each and every time of the absolute best that the dog world represents (their dedication to charity is admired round the world!) So you can imagine how honored I was when Laura and the SoCal Surf Dogs volunteered for my Day 9. This picture was done with ZERO PHOTOSHOP guys.

A huge thank you to Laura and: Marley, Piffer, Guido, Antonio, Chip, Faith, Odin, Turbo, Mackey, and snowman/sandman Rudy!

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  • JaneK

    Awesome dudes and dudettes!

  • Marlifferu Love

    Awwww, LOVE seeing my adorable poochies, Marley and Piffer (rescued from Rancho Coastal Humane Society :)), and their PAWesome friends as they shared a photo shoot adventure for Dr V’s Pawcurious “12 Days of Petmas”. Several of them are members of SoCal Surf Dogs, but even more are members of K9 Kahunas (on Facebook :))–two great groups of poochies AND people, doing great things. <3
    And while no dogs were photoshopped into this picture (pictures and video of this photo shoot are priceless, with 7 humans trying to get so many dogs to sit/stay ;)), only my Piffer kept her hat on her head, so I did have to add hats to the 9 others courtesy of PicMonkey. 😉
    Thank you, Dr. V, for putting this together, for letting us take part, and Happy Holidays to all who love their pets as much as Deb, Patti, James, Jenna, Gary, Karin, and I, love ours. <3

    Laura (AKA Marlifferu Love's mom :))

    • annettefrey

      Xxo to the whole surfin’ dog pack!

  • annettefrey

    Love these surf dogs sooooo much!!!! Xxo

  • Janine Drebin

    OMG! I LOVE this! I can say I am Auntie to Marley and Piffer and good friend of Laura who did such an amazing job! And of course Auntie to Snowman Rudy 🙂 Miss you all so much! This is so GREAT!

  • Michelle S


  • Tina Diedrichsen

    What a nice group of doggies and their humans are nice too!