On the seventh day of Petmas

My teensy tiny love gave to me:

Seven noshes nibbled


Six things to lay on

Five faaaavorite things

Four doggie nerds

Three Irish Hounds

Two turtles, Dove

And a cat messing up my new tree!

I had actually been planning on doing a seven myself as I didn’t have anyone grab that number (7 and 11 were never claimed for whatever reason), and I was debating what sort of indignity I could impose upon Brody when, like a little gift from heaven, this adorableness landed in my inbox with a note from Jane saying just in case I needed a 7, here one was. And this is the first time ever I’ve had a guinea pig miniature reindeer in the series, so that makes it even cooler. Thanks Jane!

I hope this is making someone smile today- it’s been a rough couple of months for many of my friends- the holidays are alway such a time of extreme ups and downs- so I decided to focus on something sweet these past couple of weeks.

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  • JaneK

    Awwwwwww…… Fuzzy Henry is enjoying his day of fame and my child was tickled pink to see her pet on a blog! She then proceeded to go through and sing the whole song! Yes, Christmas is full of ups and downs, and the downs seem to be exaggerated. So thanks for the daily smiles!!

  • the 7MSN Ranch

    I know that guinea pig! Good job, JaneK!

  • Danni

    Fuzzy Henry is destined to be a star! Over the summer he donned a sweet pepper hat and now reindeer antlers…who knew such a big personality could come in such a tiny body?!!
    Love you, Fuzzy Henry!! 🙂
    (Danni in Oregon)