Bosnia floods- when the world isn’t watching, donate a dollar

Massive floods in Bosnia and Serbia are the worst they have seen in 120 years. The world has been silent on this issue, in large part. In a place that is still struggling to recover from years of war, it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of this disaster.

Understandably, the people in the affected regions have had little time or money to address the many thousands of animals affected by this disaster. Tens of thousands have died in landslides and floods, and thousands more are still in need of help.


World Vets is on the ground, led by my friend and all around exemplary human Dr. Teri Weronko.


In addition to the initial needs of rescue and shelter, stress can often lead to secondary problems such as pneumonia.


When confronted with such nearly insurmountable odds and tragedy, there are two choices. One, close the computer, turn off the TV, and let it go.


Two, put aside the sadness, get in, and do what you can. World Vets is a small group, but they have never shied away from going to the places that aren’t media- friendly enough to warrant the attention of larger organizations. It’s personal to me since I know the vet in the trenches, and here’s what she said:

I spoke to one old farmer who told me that from as far back as HIS father’s grandfather, no one could remember a flood of this size and destruction here…So many have lost everything. Your donation will not be lost in some big aid bureaucracy. People like me are here, at the farms, talking to the farmers and the veterinarians serving them. We come in in the evenings and call up World Vets with specific requests for needed medicines and supplies, and those items are purchased and loaded onto a pallet for shipment here. International aid donation doesn’t get more direct than this. Any contribution you can make, no matter how small, will help! -Dr Teri

I ask everyone to consider helping if you can; donate, spread the word about this silent disaster. One dollar means everything. To donate, click the link below: This fund is specifically earmarked for disaster response.


Much of what Dr. Weronko has seen is too awful to publish, and she is there still scooping up puppies and doing what she can with a local team of veterinarians and animal professionals. Although I can’t be there, I will be making a donation later today so they know concern knows no boundaries. If you contribute, post below and let me know. I’m going to see what I have in my goodie bag and will send something along to a randomly selected person.

ETA: How about this? How about, I will select someone randomly to send something from my pawcurious goody bag to, and if you donate over $50 I will put you in the acknowledgements in my book? You know me, I’ll do whatever it takes here. (Make sure you let me know directly if you do this- I don’t have insider access to World Vets coffers 😉  )

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  • Summer

    World Vets impresses me with their willingness to go into dangerous situations at every disaster. What an amazing group of people.

    • Thank you Summer!

  • JaneK

    thank you for shedding light on this. I have made a donation. I can’t imagine the unspeakable sights they see. Shared your FB link as well.

    • Thank you so much!

  • carolinegolon

    Donated. World Vets is amazing.

  • Lisa W

    Donated! Bless them for the work they do!

  • Cathey Avery

    Donated – grateful for those willing to do this work!

  • Guest

    Hi Dr. V! Thank you so much for informing us

  • Donated! Thanks so much for this information. And most all thank you for getting people to ACT! You’re doing wonderful things!

    • Hi there, if you tell me the name of an individual to recognize I will do that as it is a personal acknowledgements section; I’m not going to acknowledge businesses in my book as then it would seem a little too icky and like I was selling ads. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for supporting World Vets!

  • Jeanne MacEwen King

    made a donation – always like to help out the world’s critters!