To sum up the cast of characters and bring new readers up to speed:


more info on brody at http://www.pawcurious.comGoldenbeast extraordinaire, chewer of everything, lover of bully sticks, making his pawcurious debut in August 2009.

You may have seen his face over on Cute Overload, where it’s been re-distributed over the internet and pops up in the strangest places. He really is cute, though. There’s lots more Brody in these posts.


The cat of cats, grey on top, with a smooshy white interior.

I adopted her on first sight at the Escondido Humane Society when she crawled up my shoulder and burrowed into the crook of my neck. Although my husband didn’t speak to me for two days after she came home (he was in China at the time, whoops) she now counts him as her very most favorite person in the world. All is well with the world.

Ghosts of Pets Past


The Jungle Ocelot, Squeaky Shadow, Sir Hides-a-lot, etc. A very sweet black cat who is not mentioned nearly enough on the blog, mostly because it’s very hard to photograph him well.

He’s been a part of my life since sophomore year in vet school. That is a long time. He has food allergies and is sad he can’t try any new food.


IMG_3157This is Kekoa. Back in February 2010, I was browsing the list of adoptable pets over at Retrievers and Friends (the rescue where I adopted Emmett) hoping lightning would strike twice. None of the Goldens were a match, and I was ready to wait, but then I saw these sad brown eyes looking out at me. Kekoa was sent to rescue twice, once by her initial family and again by the adopting family who decided they didn’t want her after their other dog died. This was her forever home, right up until her passing in February 2013.

doggie donutEmmett – The Best Dog Ever. Died in July 09 after a brief and ferocious fight with an aggressive lymphoma. His stories are filed under “Cancer sucks,” because, well, it does.

Calypso– my affectionate lovebug kitty who made one and only one venture outside, and was never seen again. We tell ourselves lies that she was picked up by a neighbor.

Mulan, i.e Sweetest Dog Ever, died of melanoma on New Years Eve 2008.

Betta fish whose name, I think, is Patrick.

Extraneous humans



Tech support:  My husband, IT guy and chief photographer. I take some of the pictures you see here but chances are if it’s a really good one, it’s his (with the exception of the donut pictures).

Kids: 10 year old daughter, 8 year old son, absolute marvels, though we’ve made an executive decision to allow them as much privacy as we can. If you’re into blogs about someone’s kids, not to worry, the web is rife with them.