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And now a word to our sponsors:

Two words, actually:


World’s Best Cat Litter gamely sponsored what I imagine is going to be the one post people remember a year from now. Thank you, Drew and the whole WBCL team!

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An ‘Above and Beyond’ thank you goes to Jen Cleere at Fetching Tags for not only donating multiple tags to my blogathon, AND a guest post, she then ran her own blogathon while giving away oodles of tags on her own site! She was like the Ultra Blogathoner!


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Pets and arthritis

A while back, I was invited by Petfinder to write a guest post on arthritis in pets. I happily accepted- even though I tend to the more chatty around here, I can write something useful when necessary. Jane just let me know the post is live today!

How to help pets with arthritis stay comfortable during cold winter months

This makes me feel better about the fact that I did not write a single medical post during the blogathon. 🙂

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After the marathon

There’s no real primer out there for how to recover after a blogathon, so I looked up the next best thing. I don’t know if an actual marathon is the best analogy, because after I ran Rock and Roll in 2001 I hobbled home, hung my shoes up and swore NEVER AGAIN. But much of it is still applicable: rest, take it easy, don’t jump right on into another race, etc. But then I saw this:

The Day After the Race

Post race depression is quite common. You usually feel a real “high” after finishing especially if you’ve done well and can talk to other runners and share experiences. The next morning the fatigue and soreness may make you wonder if the marathon was worth it. This letdown is a normal response to meeting your goal and not having a new one. Don’t make any plans or predictions until the end of the week. Take time to assess your performance, see if you followed your plan and write down both the good and the bad things that happened. Review your training diary to see what worked well for you and try to pick out any mistakes.


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Epilogue: The quiet heroes

When I was at the telethon yesterday, I asked Mike Arms how he was doing. “I just got back from Prague,” he said, “where I was asked to give a keynote address to an international assembly of animal rescuers from 50 countries.”

He told me he doesn’t write his remarks ahead of time. I guess that is something you just learn how to do over time. If I got up there I would have just stammered for a few minutes and then resorted to knock knock jokes.

But I digress. I asked him what he said, and he replied that he told the group this:

“Firemen save lives every day, and don’t hesitate to call them heroes.

Policemen save lives every day, and they too are recognized as heroes.

Doctors, EMTs- the list goes on and on. If you save a life, you are a hero.”

Then he looked out at the assembled group, and he told them, “So why are you so reluctant to take credit for what you do? YOU are heroes. Please stand up and be recognized for the amazing work you do to save lives.” I think his words were a little more eloquent, but that’s the gist.

I have spent enough time with animal rescue people to know that they are probably the last people who would ever stand up and label themselves as the heroes they are. Animal lovers tend to be humble, generous to a fault, and willing to delve into the messiness of dealing with the often harsh realities that arise out of the way we treat our animal friends. This is not a cause you can take on from a clean and safe distance.

And you, all of you here, are those people. Heroes who have given up a night of sleep in order to raise money for pets and people in need. You’ve cried along with me, laughed, given more than you probably could afford. You’ve shared stories, kept me company in the wee hours of twilight, celebrated and mourned and experienced all of this along with me.

I can’t afford to fly you all to Prague to do this, but I’ll do it here: you, each and every one who took the time to come here with me and with my blogger friends, are heroes. You don’t have to stand up- maybe that’s a little overkill- but from me to you, take a moment to close your eyes and really drink in the good you have done.

You didn’t have to be here. You could be watching TV or having a latte at Starbucks or be spending time with your family, but you gave of yourself and your time and your life to be here. You guys are my heroes.

Thank you.

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Down to the wire: This experience in interpretive blogging


more info on brody at


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Final Biscuits by Lambchop Giveaway!

This is your last chance to earn some delicious, yummy Biscuits By Lambchop!

Biscuits by Lambchop™ dog treats are free of gluten, soy, corn, rice, dairy, eggs, nuts, animal proteins and preservatives and are low in fat, sodium and phosphorus to accommodate the needs of dogs who have these restrictions in their diet, such as those with some types of kidney, liver and pancreas problems.

Please check out this wonderful post from our friends at Dogster about how dogs help people with epilepsy! Did you know that Lambchop, the inspiration for Biscuits by Lambchop, lived with epilepsy to the ripe old age of 15? This is a cause near and dear to founder Annette’s heart. Hint: There will be a clue in that post!

After you do that, head on over to the Biscuits by Lambchop Facebook page for the clues you’ll need to win.

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Giveaway: Dog Angel Jewelry

And the winner, courtesty of is…drumroll please…..comment #8, Laura Z! Congratulations! I will catch up with you after the blogathon and get you set.

This is a really special giveaway from Amy Valentine at Dog Angel Jewelry. I was fortunate enough to be gifted with one of her Best Dog Ever cuff bracelets in honor of Emmett and I wear it all the time.

Dog Angel Jewelry was founded by veterinarian and jewelry artist, Amy Valentine, following the loss of her beloved dogs, Maggie and Chloe. Her sadness was gradually healed, in part, through the artistic process of creating pet loss commemorative jewelry for herself, members of her family, neighbors and friends. Today, the website for Dog Angel Jewelry is an online resource for others who have experienced the loss of a beloved pet.


This dog inspired pawprint lock and key pendant is handmade of fine silver in the form of precious metal clay and measures approximately 3/4″ L and 3/8″ W. The key is pressed from a mold made from a vintage brass key, and the pawprint lock is an exclusive Dog Angel Jewelry design. The fine silver has been gently oxidized and brushed softly to a warm glow finish. Both key and pawprint lock are flush and smooth on the opposite side. This delightful and whimsical pendant is suspended from an 18″ sterling silver bead chain with a bead connector clasp.

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, run over to her Facebook fan page– every new fan will generate a $1 donation to Bradyn, up to $350- but only until the end of the blogathon!

The official way to enter is simply this: Tell me in the comments, who hold the key to your heart?

Contest open until 11:30 PST.

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Following your pet’s heart

Fetching Tag’s Jen Cleere summarizes what so many of us who have dealt with pets with cancer have had to face: When is the treatment worse than the problem?

My dog Ruth’s 1st round of cancer at age 7 seemed to be easily dispatched. A little surgery to excise the grade 2 mast cell tumor on her side and a change in diet from kibble to raw, and she was soon thriving. For a month or three I had felt sure that this was the tragic end to her young life, but doom took the back burner when she returned to full speed. And full speed was a blazing 35 mph for my fleet-footed, flashy red & white crackhound.

When a mass started to develop in her throat 3 years later, I pretended to ignore it for months, as the weight & certainty of cancer’s return settled heavy on my heart. When I finally took her in for an exam, my fears were confirmed. Although the tumor was too bloody to get a conclusive needle aspiration, X-rays showed that her hyoid bone had already partially dissolved into the growing mass. The vet advised me to take her collar off, creating the irony of a dog that had launched an ID tag company who was now unable to wear one. She also wanted Ruthie to avoid contact play with other dogs and over-exertion to prevent, as much as possible, some horrific bleed-out of the tumor. (more…)

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Giveaway: The Honest Kitchen

One of my favorite pet food companies has stepped up with a great giveaway: a 10 pound box of Force from the Honest Kitchen! That makes 77 pounds of fresh food when rehydrated!

The Honest Kitchen has also decided that they will have Bradyn and 4 Paws be their December Charity of the Month- a portion of their sales for the month will go to Bradyn’s service dog fund!! Thank you!

Our original grain free dog food, we designed Force for dogs with sensitive stomachs and chronic ailments related to the consumption of glutinous grains. Force, like all of our diets, is a wheat-free dog food. It is also a gluten-free dog food. Suitable for adult maintenance; sensitive dogs; moderate activity levels.

I haven’t made the jump to making my own food for the pets, but I use Honest Kitchen regularly in our rotation. It’s easy to use, the ingredients are fantastic, and I don’t have to deal with storing and handling raw meat. Plus the company has made a strong commitment to being green and using organic, sustainable products as completely as possible! What’s not to like?

To enter to win, visit the Honest Kitchen’s article on Living Green and comment below with which steps you are taking, or would like to take, to live more green! I do Number 3. I could blame it on laziness but it’s just me being eco-conscious!

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Bailey’s Grace- tips for a nonprofit starter?

Lisa has been one of my most loyal readers and supporters since I started pawcurious. We bonded last year over the losses that ripped out our hearts- my Emmett and her Bailey. Read on to find out what amazing idea has come out of her grief and sadness.

You remember Bailey and Lisa, right? I bet you do. Here’s what she wrote me:


The first thing I did after Bailey left was to get a tattoo — a heart with a pawprint on it, later with her name added. Then, a couple of weeks later, I attended the Humane Society’s Taking Action for Animals conference. I was already scheduled to attend, but I thought about passing it up since I was so very sad about Bailey. But it was because of Bailey that I wanted to find my way to help animals in a broader sense, and I am so happy I went. (more…)

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I can barely keep up with what’s been going on here and I’m the one who had to hit publish on it all! Not to fear, I’ll sort through it later and try to make it more presentable so you can keep entertained for the next few weeks. There are also 7 other blogs’ worth of material- REALLY great stuff, what I have gotten a chance to see.

Got a favorite moment from the Blogathon? Share it below! I’ll come up with a “Best Of” post this week.


If you won a giveaway, I announced it in the post or in response to your comment. This week I will go through the process of contacting people and getting the info together! You can help me out by checking the contests you entered to see if you won; if so, drop me a line at dr (at) pawcurious dotcom with “I WON!” in the subject line or something like that.

We have THREE giveaways left, really great ones! Honest Kitchen, Fetching Tags and Dog Angel Jewelry! Keep on keeping tuned in!

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Epilepsy Awareness- how much do you know?

Since this is Epilepsy Awareness month as well as a fundraiser for a little boy with epilepsy, Bradyn’s mom Elizabeth has provided a guest post talking about some of the misconceptions surrounding the condition.

Would you know how to help? The more I talk about Bradyn and Epilepsy the more apparent it becomes that there is a serious lack of information out there. So it’s time for B’s Mama to do some educating.

Epilepsy is not:

1 – Epilepsy is NOT contagious.

2 – Epilepsy is NOT mental illness.

3 – Epilepsy is NOT mental retardation.

And here are a few of the things that I have learned about Epilepsy: (more…)

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