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2010 Brody Awards Ceremony

It’s going to be low-key. I’m sure you all are hung over from your Super Bowl celebrating or whatnot anyway, so no gowns necessary. I tried to get Fergie to perform, but all I could get on this short notice was Pauly Shore so I figured we could do without the celebrities. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted! Despite the many people who voted, some of the winners were only TWO votes ahead of the second place blog out of over 100 votes. Take that as a measure of the quality of all the nominees and finalists!

So, without further ado- or monologues- or montages- or badly covered movie scores-


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2010 Brodies Finalists are announced!

And it was NOT easy. I was hoping that in each category half of the blogs would be amazing and half would be meh, leaving a neat delineation for the separation of the finalists. That was not the case.

Originally there were four judges, but even that wasn’t enough and I needed to recruit an additional three judges at the last minute to help me figure it out. I hate judging. What was I thinking? You’re all aces in my book.

Speaking of books, Kathie Meier has donated 2 signed copies of Dr. Nancy Kay’s Speaking for Spot to be given away as prizes, which is more impressive than my kind of lackluster “pride in a sense of accomplishment” that is all I have to offer. So thank you.

Voting will be open for one week (subject to change depending on participation and my whims).

(Obamicon picked because it was funny and not because I have one iota of interest in opening a debate on politics in the blog. Consider Brody an independent.)

To vote, click on Brody or click here.

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Let’s Work Together

One of the best parts about reading a blog is finding other blogs. Looking at the blogroll of a site you enjoy visiting often leads you to corners of the internet you would never have found otherwise. Soon you start commenting, then you’re going back and forth on Twitter, and before you know it it’s 11 at night and the dog’s still waiting to be fed. Not that I know from personal experience or anything. Point is, it’s a community.

Certain specialized blog niches- parenting bloggers, for example, and food bloggers- have vast networks that promote, support, and encourage their colleagues in a sort of collective Blog Borg. Pet bloggers, as far as I can tell, have not reached that level of organization yet. Why we persist in being the sad scruffy little cast-aside group in the vast world of bloggers is beyond me.

It’s not that pet bloggers are insular or antisocial- quite the opposite, as far as I’m concerned. The care and concern I have seen and experienced, the willingness to step in and help one another with no link aside from a common love of animals, is nothing short of astounding. We are amazing. We just need a little help figuring out how to share that news with everyone else. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m dipping my toe in and doing what I can to help promote the wonderful world of animal blogs through the Brody Awards. The banner at the left will take you to the nomination page.Voting will begin by the end of the month, but the whole point of the exercise is to get us exposed to new bloggers, which you can do right now.

My hope and wish is that the pet blogging world will continue to grow and grow together. We have SO much to accomplish. ๐Ÿ™‚ (more…)

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Brief Brodies Update

I closed nominations, and I’m working on getting everything categorized now. When I’m done, I’m going to assemble a top-notch panel of experts (read: suckers willing to volunteer) to help me narrow the nominees down to finalists in each category.

Then once I figure out the appropriate WordPress plugin everyone gets to vote.

I have no prizes other than bragging rights, but I will say you guys nominated some fantastic blogs I’ve never seen before, which is reward enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Nominations are OPEN!


Since the Weblog Awards went kaplooey for the year, I decided to make up my own awards specific for that underrepresented segment of the blogging world, the pet lovers. So far I have, like, 5 participants so hopefully I can drum up enough nominees to actually make something fun here and spread the word about some of the fantastic pet blogs out there on the net!

These are the categories I have so far:

1. Best Dog Blog
-For best blog about our canine pals.

2. Best Cat Blog
-For best blog about our feline friends.

3. Best Pet Blog (non dog or cat)
-For best blog about any pet(s) that are not dogs or cats.

4. Best Pet Photography
-For best photography of a pet blog- does not have to be a pet photographer, just someone who has great pictures!

5. Best Animal Advocacy Blog
-For best blog promoting animal welfare, rescue, or any positive topic in wellness and welfare.

6. Most informative pet blog
-For best informational or educational pet blog

I originally had “Best non pet blog” but then I decided that was silly and what every other blog award was for. I’ve had some good suggestions for other topics- best pet product blog, for example- and if enough people agree in the comments and come up with nominees I’ll do it.

So, away we go! Lay em on me! Nominations open now through, uh, whenever I have enough!

ETA 01/09/2010: Nominations are CLOSED! Now to sort through them all…

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