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Some Veterinarians Sell Unnecessary Online Memberships By Throwing Colleagues Under the Bus

Some Veterinarians Sell Unnecessary Shots, Tests to Make Extra Money, Says Former Vet


Did you see this bit on 20/20 this weekend? Ah, media. Titled “Veterinary Confessions,” the piece follows a couple of dogs through a series of veterinary visits where different vets offer different services based on their clinical experience, interspersed with the contrite admonitions of a former veterinarian who says that he was, before he relinquished his license (more on that later), the medical equivalent of a used car salesman.

Look, I’m not going to tell you that every vet in the world is equal and that everyone follows the same recommendations every time, but if you think that was the real point of this piece, you’ve been duped. Citizens of Oz, let me show you the Wizard.

“The vast majority of vets are ethical” and don’t recommend what’s not needed, says Dr. Andrew Jones, who then goes on to admit he regularly practiced the most unethical practice of recommending what wasn’t needed, just to make more money, hence confessing that he personally was worse than the vast majority of vets. Sounds like a legit guy to speak on behalf of the profession.

Why is he a former vet, you may ask? Well, the excellent blog SkeptVet profiled him a couple of years ago, if you’re interested. Rather than stop his continued practice of talking smack about, well, pretty much any vet except for himself- he was great, you see, unlike the rest of us slobs- he voluntarily gave up his license to practice in Canada.

And what is the good Dr. Jones doing now? Championing the cause of the poor and underserved, fighting the good fight to educate consumers about the latest AAHA vaccination recommendations or raising money for all those people getting soaked by the rest of us unethical greedy vets?

Um, not quite. He has a website. On it, he offers a

 ”Free DVD”

which sounds nice and altruistic. Oh look, he’s pre-prepared for the website traffic he’ll get tomorrow:

Pet Health And Pet Care With Dr. Andrew Jones_ The Online Vet_s Pet Health DVD


So, if you continue to scroll down for 5 or 600 feet, you’ll see that yes! it’s FREE!

(save the $6 shipping and handling)

Hey man, sign me up! Only $6 for all this info! I’m going to CLICK!

Pet Health And Pet Care With Dr. Andrew Jones_ The Online Vet_s Pet Health DVD-1

Wait, what? In order to get the free $6 DVD I have to also sign up for the $10 monthly service in perpetuity? Isn’t that the Naughty Video Site approach?

So, in return for tossing me, and my friends, and the vet you hopefully like and trust, under the bus, the good doctor is already planning for the side bennie of all those new subscriptions (note the date on the website, and the date I’m posting this.) All in the name of altruism, you see. Behold the Wizard.

You know me, I don’t normally get this upset, but MAN, my hide’s a little chapped right now. Greedy vets? When’s the last time I’ve asked you for a credit card in order to peruse my website?

I will leave you with one last thought. In this piece, Dr. Jones called dental cleanings the “would you like fries with that” of veterinary medicine, a very often unnecessary bit of work. To illustrate the point, he used a little pit bull who was seen by several vets who said she was fine and didn’t need any dental work. Anesthetized dental cleanings, by the way, often allow you to do a closer examination than you can do on an awake pet and might let you discover something like


Yes, that’s the same dog.

But by all means, continue to compare me to a kid at McDonald’s. In the meantime, may want to get that looked at.


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Tails from the Vet Clinic: The question that never gets old

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked this…

YouTube Preview Image

I could buy a bottle of really good tequila so I wouldn’t care.

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Tails from the Vet Clinic: Paging Dr. Groomer

I can provide witnesses to this exchange.

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Tales From the Vet Clinic: Fleased

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. It was a wonderful day despite dentist, doctor and 100 degree nasty weather. My husband brought home cupcakes, the kids had a great day at school and Brody found, then ate, a whole bag of goldfish crackers. Two out of three ain’t bad. I guess he was mad he didn’t get a cupcake.

It’s been a bad year for fleas, even worse than normal. With the long hot days of late summer dragging on with no signs of cooling off, they’re not going away anytime soon. Clients are understandably frustrated when they buy the right flea control, use it correctly, and are still seeing fleas because of the persistent reservoir in the environment. The idea of alternating treatments, vacuuming religiously, AND getting a pest control service in for cases of bad infestations is pretty unappealing. I get that. I have several conversations a day about that.

I also have several conversations a day with owners who had no idea their pet had fleas until we point the little bugs out to them. There’s at least a couple a month who, even when you DO point them out, flat out deny their existence. I think this conversation will sound awfully familiar to all the veterinary professionals out there:

YouTube Preview Image
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Special Weekend Edition: Tails from the Clinic

Have you all seen that iphone video online? That one made me laugh. Then I had to go make my own that made me laugh even more (and yes, this is based on an actual conversation I had.)

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