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Wordless Wednesday: Bonding

Can’t complain about living in San Diego. ๐Ÿ™‚

Surf's up- photo by Michael Schrager

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Get your puppy and kitten fix here. One day only.

Every little kid who wants to be a vet someday says it’s because they love puppies and kittens and think we get to play with them all day. And then we smile, trying not to look too discouraging, as we encourage their dream while thinking of all the cancer euthanasias, anal sac abscesses, and “it-just-started-yesterday-I-swear” 10 centimeter pedunculated, bloody masses.

Some people thrive on all that stuff. Me, I never got beyond the 10 year old version of being a vet. I like preventive care. I like seeing and maintaining health more than I do fixing it once it’s broken. That is boring to some, but it’s what I enjoy. And when I was in Granada with World Vets, my favorite afternoons were the ones we spent doing impromptu street clinics for the outlying neighborhoods, because guess what we got to see?

Healthy pets. Puppies and kittens galore. And we got to do treatments to keep them healthy, and this made me very happy. Preventive care and humane education are crucial to this type of program’s success, and they give us an excellent excuse to go and interact with gaggles of fluffy awesomeness.



Teensy, tiny tongues slay me.


Yeah man, it’s cool, just getting a rabies vaccine. It’s all good.


Why yes, I did know rabies was a zoonotic disease. This is good to know.


All right, who ate frijoles for breakfast?


Lion King auditions are next week, ok, Simba? Simmer down.


Thanks, Dr. Lester.


Let me reward you for your service by being exceptionally adorable.

Yes, I agree, it’s weird that we haven’t seen any- hey, what’s in the bag?


Kittens, that’s what.


No one can resist a kitten. This is why they rule the universe.

Stare deep into my eyes….yes, you’re getting sleepy….yes, you reach for that can of tuna….

I’ll be just as cute in the States as I am here. Thank for adopting me.


Now excuse me while I go take a nap in your pocket.

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Love Match

I can see a thousand things, and I can go a thousand places,

but not a thing brings so much joy as doggie kisses on happy faces.

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Wordless Wednesday: Santa’s Little Helper

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving!

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Yawn – Photo of the Week

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Time to party- we got sweet and sour here!

Are you all ready for the concert of the year? I said, are you READY?!

Let’s get this party started with the one and only KOTY PURRY!

I know a place

Where the grass is green and cleaner

Dogs get to run

And they have lots of bones and water


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News that’s Fit To Click

Pardon me for my brevity today. I just went to a Katy Perry concert and it struck me both deaf and blind, mostly in a good way, but still.

I’m trying out something new to share all these great stories I find over the course of the week: It’s the weekly roundup!

The FDA approves a drug for steroid-responsive incontinence in dogs. [PetMD]

Old dog vestibular disease: a common but mysterious problem. [PetConnection]

Dogs helping victims of abuse get through their trial testimony. [NYTimes]

Canine bone cancer studies may help children afflicted with the same. [USNews]

Border collie demonstrates knowledge of a thousand words. [USAToday]

And, of course, wordless Wednesday. Today’s photo is “King of the World”.

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Wordless Wednesday: I’m Ready for my Close Up

She’s getting to be as much of a ham as Brody.

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Wordless Wednesday: eek

Good think Brody was not along on this particular walk. I’ve treated a lot of weird things in my day, but “jellyfish ingestion” would be a new one even to me.

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