Have you hugged a tech today?

Did you know the third week of every October is National Veterinary Technician Week? I can’t think of a more deserving, hardworking group of people to celebrate.

Vets get all the glory, all the cards and cookies, but techs are so often the ones who neglect to get any recognition for the incredible amount of work they put into keeping pets healthy. They man the phones, hold pets for all manner of procedures, do the vast majority of nursing care for hospitalized pets, and bear the brunt of the rodeo antics that sometimes happen behind the scenes.

They do a wonderful job communicating with clients, walking them through questions and concerns so the vet is able to help more pets more efficiently. My techs know me well enough now that they often have estimates ordered and prepared before I even finish my exam, allowing me to start my tests and get you both out the door all that much faster.

They clip nails, clean up poop, and endure the wrath of angry pets and clients. Vet techs, you all are the best. Thank you for all that you do. And in your honor, I have prepared an original poem for you. It’s not a good poem, but it’s from the heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

You never hesitate to get all doused in blood and gore,
You bravely deal with all the nuts who waltz on through the door.
When anal glands erupt you often stop them with your face,
Despite all this you always act with merit, strength and grace.

You are the one most often bitten, scratched and met with ire,
The job description isn’t one most sane people desire.
Your pay is but a scrap of average dental care hygienists,
And they don’t even deal with the growling and the menace.

Because of you I’m able to examine pets with ease.
You get the blood and I pee I need to diagnose disease.
You gamely help and hold and make both pets and owners glad-
None more than me; without you all us vets would be so sad.

For all you do and sacrifice, my gratitude is to you-
The awesome vet techs out there, yes, we love you, we salute you!

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  • So true! I hope you won’t mind if I print your post and bring your poem to my Vet’s office for the Vet Techs to enjoy!

  • Cathey

    So true, Dr. V. They are some very un-sung heroes. A person only does that job because you truly do love the animals and want to help them. Thanks to all of you!

  • So very true… we love our vet techs!

  • Love it! Sharing with my tech peeps.

  • So True! I am reminded of the brave vet techs who held down my 140 pound Irish Wolfhound for his ultrasound. (not an easy task, even with me there to help!) Esp the one who held his head, and got the full face effect of his stress panting..she thanked me for keeping his teeth brushed!

  • “When anal glands erupt you often stop them with your face”

    this is my only fear of becoming a vet tech…

  • Regina

    Yes they deserve alot of praise for all the do its not an easy job Im sure.God bless them

  • Tonya

    Thanks for sharing this tidbit. I will most definitely stop by my vet’s office this week and show some love to the techs there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • priscilla

    Techs deserve all the credit in the world because of two words-anal glands.

  • Love our vet’s techs and make sure they know it! : )

  • Lol, “When anal glands erupt you often stop them with your face.”

  • Thanks for recognizing the vet techs Dr. V! They really do make a difference for both humans and animals.

  • Lisa W

    <3 <3 <3 the vet techs that help take care of my babies!

  • Just like nurses, vet techs are subject to a lot of pressure and burnout, so give them your support.

  • Holly

    Oh anal glands. I’ll go throw up now. LOL I am a bather in a dog grooming salon and nothing… NOTHING… is more disgusting than having a dog release their butt juicies on you! It takes everything in your being in that split second to remember they did that because they’re scared and instead of a screamed, “AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!” what they really need is an, “Awww, I’m sorry baby. Yes, I smell really bad right now but I understand.” LOL By the way… what is it with cocker spaniels peeing and releasing their anals all the time?! I think they, as a breed, have some kind of vendetta against anyone who has to provide them any kind of service!