Amanda Brown is here keeping me company. It’s good to have another seasoned vet here, you know, since the AVMA has endorsed vets as a top choice in any zombie apocalypse survival team.

I’m really glad she’s here, because things just got real over here, y’all.

Dr. Brown, Skyping a zombie giraffe picture to Dr. Finch. A good time is being had by all.

Dr. V: Did you just say ‘Braaaaaiiiins’?

Dr. Brown: No….(looks up) Get me a rabies pole. Looks like we’ve got a visitor.

Dr. V: I don’t have a rabies pole! They’re all back at the clinic!

Dr. Brown: OK, knitting needles and a rubber band! We’ve only got one shot at this.

Told ya she was good. Off to target practiceeeeaaaaghggggghhhh//….34235t



(Image and pithy dialogue courtesy of the talented zombie survival experts over at Generation Vet!)


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  • iPhone in one hand, weapon in the other. Good thing I can multitask, so we can take out zombies while keeping up with the #Blogpocalypse! Glad you’ve got my back Dr. V! I’m just gonna stay hidden behind these rocks over here for a little while.