Helping Animals in Moore

Every animal disaster is a little different than the one before. The infrastructure may be fairly intact, or devastated. Local roads to receive supplies may or may not be accessible. The presence of local organizations and their willingness to help plays a major role in what constitutes an appropriate response. That is a field that is hard to navigate each and every time since the landscape is constantly changing from one disaster to another.

moore pup

What doesn’t change? Who needs help. Why we do it.

Everyone wants to help, and unfortunately scumlords are all too eager to put up fake fundraising scams. That doesn’t change, either.

Team Up For OklahomaYou all know I do work with World Vets and disaster relief; while we focus on international work we are always do what we can in domestic disasters as well. We are not sending a team to Oklahoma; it’s not necessary when so many other groups are present, willing, and able. That is not the need.

Paws 4 OK

World Vets is collaborating with BlogPaws, AAHA, our corporate supporters, and local organizations to send them supplies based on their needs now and in the coming weeks. Our goal is to provide direct support to local humane organizations and/or veterinary clinics in a meaningful way. If you want to contribute to the tornado relief fund, you can do so here.

We’ve been in contact with the national organizations most involved in disaster response coordination to get the contact information for the groups most in need of support. If you would like to donate directly to one of them, here’s the links:

Oklahoma City Animal Shelter

Central Oklahoma Humane Society

Moore Animal Services

Thank you all for your support of our community!


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  • Lisa W

    FYI, I also contributed to the LCC K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs, who are on their way to Moore.

    • Excellent! I am so glad they are going.

    • Diane Christofferson

      The LCC K-9 PCD are wonderful. I’m sure they will do a lot to ease the stress.

  • Diane Christofferson

    Aloha Dr. V. Red Rover (formerly United Animal Nations) is offering financial relief grants for animals in need of emergency vet care. They helped me several years ago with a $500 grant for a feral cat in my hotel colony that shattered his leg after the Hawaii earthquake. Perhaps you can share this with your followers so people won’t worry so much about taking their animals in during this difficult time.

    • Excellent! Thank you for sharing this!